Best Places For Foodie To Try Delicious Delhi Street Food

A man cooking food in a street market.

There are several restaurants in Delhi. Though some are very classy, the charm of Delhi street food still is there in these areas. People living here are from all walks of life. There is a massive demand for food, as many people depend on outdoor food.

As soon as you enter the small lanes inside Delhi, you get that sweet aroma. These foods are both delicious and spicy. From the time of the Mughals, these lanes are famous for their meals. Many travelers come from outside India, and they like these streets, as they enjoy the ancient Indian food. They take pictures with the people who sell food here and cherish the memories after they reach their home. The food sold here is affordable. Though there are lots of people walking about and chaos, the delicious food attracts you.

It is an old city which has more connection with the Mughal Era there are many culinary secrets which are used for cooking and is garnished with advanced skills. The food looks so delightful that it is tough to turn away your eyes from it. The art of cooking is passed through generations. The tourist guides bring the foreigners and the people who have come to visit the city, to these streets. People will be waiting to enter the road as soon as the shops are open.

There are many modern restaurants which with so many facilities but still people prefer these awesome Delhi street foods. There are several small food vendors scattered all over Delhi.

Central Market Lajpat Nagar

In this market, there is food and clothes for shopping. Here Dolma aunty momos are very famous. The Delhiwallas like pav Bhaji. Visit here to taste those delicious momos and bhajis.

Amar Colony Market

This place brings incredible experiences for all-time food lovers. Momos are famous for yogurt-based gravy. Hunger strike Sharma Chaat Bhandar are must-visit places. This narrow maze Galli gives the steaming Samosa is the Crisp jalebi. People who enter the streets hardly can resist themselves from eating. The samosa and gol gappas makes your mouth water. Biriyani for vegetarians and non-vegetarians at Biriyani corner and Chole Batura from Baba Nagpal corner gives an attractive treat.

Chandni Chowk

These maze like small lanes is a world-famous and prime junction of Delhi street foods. Though the shops are low, the food is delicious. Snacks from Natraj Dahi Bhalla and Paratas taste cannot be resisted. The hot jalebis from the Jalebi wala with the rabri on top will make your stomach produce more gastric juices. This shop is in Dariba Kalan road giving the warm swirls with the flavor of desi-ghee. The sugar syrup is made from the desi Khansari sugar. In between the stressful shopping, these affordable plates of happiness would be relaxing. Natraj Dahi Bhalla is near the turning of the Chandni chowk metro station. Here Dahi Bhalla and aloo Tikki are very delicious.


The east Delhi people come here for sweets or spicy snacks. Bhatura in Sharma’s is available from the morning at 7 o’clock. For namkeem lovers, Kachoris are in Bhole Shankar or Hira Kachori. Hira Lal & sons satisfy your sweet tooth with their Balushahi and Pateesa.

Sitaram Bazaar

Lala Duli Chand Naresh Gupta or Kuremal Mohanlal are the two kulfi shops in this bazaar. The flavored kulfis here are lip-smacking. The mango kulfi is delicious during spring. There are some innovative tastes like the tamarind, rose, kewda, and aam papad.

Nai Sadak

Khemchand Adesh Kumar has several shops in Dariyaganj and Kinari Bazaar. One of the mind blowings is Daulat Ki Chaat. It is very famous in these shops. They make these from churned milk and khoya, garnished with saffron. It melts very quickly and is delicious to taste.

Dwarka Sector 7

In this street, Pizza omelet is very popular. Many people come here to have a taste of this dish. Heer Sing shop has the pakodas. Chur Chur Naans are also an attractive option here.

Brahmaputra Market

It is in Noida but also counted one of the prime centers for Delhi street food and has always pulled hungry people’s attention. Shawarma, with the green chutney from Kapoor’s shop, is very yummy. Dahiwala golgappas are at Agra Chat Bhandar. Non-vegetarians love the roasted kebabs with pudina chutney from Tibbs Frankie 29.

Karol Bagh

People come here to shop for dresses and other merchandise. After buying until they drop the streets here, welcome them for food. Here food like chaats, chole batura, and kulfi is available to awaken the gastro juice. Sindhi Corner gives the tikkis of heart shape. Chole Batura is from Om Corner, Chotey Lal Halwai has the chaat papdi and Kulfi from Roshan Di Kulfi.

Chittaranjan Park

Many Bangalis come here for their Durga Puja. There are many Bengali’s foods available at this place. Mughalai Parata and fish fry from Dadu Cutlet Shop. Mutton Ghugni or Kathi roll or nimbu masala, many shops serve everything delicious.

Chawri Bazaar

Cholas are famous here from Lotan Chole Wala. Chola is served with red hot curry and potatoes. The coriander and chilies on the curry give a churn in the stomach.

Shiv Mishthan Bhandar

Pooris with curried potatoes are very tasty here. Crispy pooris with suji ka halwa also make the mouth sweet. Jalebis here are not very sweet and can be consumed early in the morning too.

Many other foods give tasty foods on the street. People throng around these places in the correct time to get their favorite dishes.

Dilli Haat

If you like to shop and eat too then, this is the best place. Here clothes, jewelry, and handicrafts of different regions are available here. Different states people have installed these stalls to give out the food and specialty from their state.

  • Galauti Kebab is from Uttar Pradesh stall, Nihari, shami kebab, and korma are also available here.
  • Pyaaz ki kachori with sweet and green chutney is from Rajasthan. There are many other snacks and full meals available here.
  • Nagaland stall has beef, fish, and lamb cooked in the traditional style. Momos are mouth-watering here. Raja Mircha pork served with rice, and spicy chutney is very delicious. Fruit beer reduces the spicy taste from the tongue.
  • Odisha shop has caramelized chenna pora. Dahi vada is also their specialty.
  • Bihari stall has Ol`Sattu sharbat with crunchy onions and is filling. Motihari the taas and dal pitha can be tried. Pickles are tasty to be carried home.
  • Maharashtra shop has Vada pav and sabudana vada with many other snacks to be tried with tea. Batata Vada and Maharashtra thali are also tasty here.
  • Kobiraji cutlet is in the West Bengal Stores. Mutton cutlet, chicken cutlet, and desserts are eye-catching here.
  • Steamed and fried momos and soup are really lip-smacking in Sikkim stores. Noodles, thali, or rice will have a good amount of veggies and correct spices.

Many other foods give tasty foods on the street. People throng around these places at the correct time to get their favorite dishes.

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