Best Ayurvedic Resorts in Kerala to Rejuvenate Yourself in 2023

A woman enjoying a relaxing massage at a spa, surrounded by soothing ambiance and skilled therapists in Kerala.

Kerala, famously known as God’s own country, is a peaceful vacation destination. It is popular for Backwaters, spice plantations, beaches, flora and fauna, culture, and so on.

Apart from all this, it is also a famous getaway for various spas, healing therapies, ayurvedic treatments, and more. So make your trip filled with sereneness by rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul here.

Further, Kerala has plentiful wellness centers or ayurvedic resorts and became the health destination of India. These luxurious resorts will serve you with numerous amenities and treatments to freshen up your soul and body.

Finally, some of the exclusive Ayurveda resorts in Kerala which offer excellent spa packages and healing therapies are as follows:

Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort, Kovalam

It is one of the world’s foremost Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala with multiple treatments, yoga and meditation. It offers treatments for everyone with a unique plan as per the requirement of the client. In addition, you can avail beauty care regime, weight loss plans, anti-stress programs, anti-ageing and much more here. You can relish the scenic beauty as well to rejuvenate your body with its beautiful location as well as setup.

Carnoustie Ayurveda And Wellness Resort, Mararikulam

Refresh your mind and body at this alluring beach wellness centre. Further, this 5-star resort offers various yoga sessions along with numerous ayurvedic plans. Programs like detoxification, weight loss, anti-ageing, stress management and more here will help you refresh in Kerala. Moreover, its amazing hospitality with luxury set up of villas and houseboats will leave you spellbound.

Nattika Beach Ayurveda Resort, Thrissur

You can avail the best retreat for ayurvedic healing and wellness solution at this Nattika Beach resort. Not only this it offers beautiful villas, sea-facing lounges, swimming pool, ayurvedic centre and much more to make your trip refreshing. In addition, it offers healing therapies according to the client’s problems and requirements which make it more precise.

ShinShiva Ayurvedic Resort, Thiruvananthapuram

Take a break from your restless life and enjoy in the world of tranquillity here. This place is a paradise for peace lovers. In addition, the experts provide wellness treatments with proper care and supervision. Moreover, the resort has a charming premise to give a spellbound experience to restore peace.

Perumbayil Ayurveda Mana, Trichur

This ayurvedic centre is a health resort specialized in various treatments. They strictly follow regulations related to Ayurveda. Patients with major health problems such as cancer, psoriasis, arthritis and more come here for healing. It also runs programs for beauty as well as weight loss. It is one of the best ayurvedic health resorts in Kerala. 

Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Wayanad

As the name tells this wellness centre offers traditional ayurvedic therapies for major as well as minor diseases. One can also refresh the mind and soul here with yoga and meditation practices. Further, the speciality is that the villas here are constructed according to the Vastu to cope with the negative vibes. It is situated on the river bank with dense forest all around. Hence it will help you to connect with nature and refresh your body. You can also avail an ayurvedic diet while curing health problems. 

Kairali, Palakkad

Located at a beautiful forest location it is one of the most visited health resorts in Kerala. This resort provides personalized treatments according to the problems of the patients. It is majorly known for treating chronic health problems. Hence, for a peaceful retreat, you can stay in this resort for days admiring nature. You can attend yoga sessions that are conducted here. Some of the treatments you can get here are facial treatments, body healing, massages, and more.

Poovar Island Resort, Pozhiyoor

Nothing is better than an island resort with healing facilities. This ayurvedic resort offers amazing sunsets, rich marine life and much more to make your stay peaceful. With such beauty intact, it is also known for offering numerous types of Ayurvedic spa. Enjoy an ideal holiday here with choices of land cottages, floating cottages, boat cruising and much more. 

Abad Harmonia, Alappuzha

This resort is one of the ayurvedic centres with scintillating views, beach area and much more. For a refreshing feeling, it is also surrounded by lush green vegetable farms, coconut trees and much more. This resort is one of the comfortable and budget resorts for ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. You can walk on the beachside and enjoy an ayurvedic spa with your loved one.

The Windflower Resort, Achoornam

The Windflower Resort offers a large variety of spa to pamper you to the core. It offers a luxurious ayurvedic spa with world-class facilities. The resort is located amidst the serene nature to refresh the tourists coming here. Further, enjoy an amazing stay amidst the pleasant environment and experience Ayurvedic massages at this resort.

Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Mullur

This resort is a romantic getaway with private beaches, awesome spa sessions as well as serene views. Yoga practice sessions, spa and massages with your loved one will be refreshing here. Apart from this, it also has a popular cafe and restaurant serving lip-smacking food. It is an ideal escape with spellbound natural beauty with a lot of facilities for vacationers.

The Athreya Ayurvedic Resort, Kottayam

Breathe fresh air and refresh your soul with multiple healing methods here. This ayurvedic resort has an ethnic style architecture which is its unique point. You can get private consultations with doctors here for authentic healthcare. Moreover, this wellness centre uses traditional methods, essential oils, and pure herbs to rejuvenate the soul and body. It uses a perfect blend of modern as well as traditional healings for curing various health problems.

Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center, Kollam

Sarovaram Ayurvedic Health Center is amongst the best ayurvedic resorts in Kerala. It has beautiful cottages in the middle of the tropical gardens. The visitors can avail of various treatments and detoxification programs. Some of the chronic health issues are also treated at this wellness centre such as asthma, obesity, sleep disorders, arthritis and more. Get indulge in detoxification sessions here to refresh your soul and body. 

Udayagiri Retreat, Wayanad, Tholpetty

Retreat yourself amidst flora and fauna to feel the depth of nature here. The authentic ayurvedic therapies and meditation programs here will help you find serene. Further, enjoy hills, sunsets, sunrise, and indulge in traditional healings to refresh your body and soul. Some of the other amenities to avail at this ayurvedic resort are yoga sessions, herbal beauty treatments, panchakarma detoxification and so on.

Nikki’s Nest, Thiruvananthapuram

This place is a cozy Ashram providing various wellness treatments to their guests. It makes an ideal holiday if you stay at this seaside place with a different architectural style. In addition, you can enjoy backwater cruises, sightseeing tours, cultural programs and more here. Finally, the guests at this wellness centre are served with delicious vegetarian and simple cuisines.

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