10 Most Exotic Wedding Destinations in India

10 Most Exotic Wedding Destinations in India

First Published on: June 5, 2016 | Last Updated: May 23, 2020

If you’re planning a destination wedding away from your town, and of course within India. There are all types of settings including beaches, palaces, lakes, and even hill stations for you to choose for your wedding. Here are the top 10 wedding destinations in India:


You cannot ask for a better place than the City of Lakes. The Udaipur Palace is one of the favorite wedding destinations among celebrities as well. You can experience a complete traditional Indian wedding in this set up. Besides that you have several luxury hotels like the Taj Lake Palace and the Leela where you can host the wedding.


God’s own country gives you the option of heritage sites like the Kochi fort or the serene backwaters of Tekedi. Kerala is known for offering the most serene resorts and heritage homes where you can plan a traditional wedding.

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

If you have a beach wedding on the cards, this is where you want to plan it. The clear blue skies and long stretches of clean white sand make the most romantic setting for a wedding.

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Neemrana Fort

Located near Gurgaon, this fort will make for the most picture perfect wedding destination. The architecture is magnificent and will make your wedding look nothing short of a royal event.


The sun, sand and all the fun makes Goa a great wedding destination. You can opt for some of the beachside resorts for your wedding. The best thing about Goa is the ambience and of course the food and the drinks that Goa is so popular for!


The Queen of Hills is set amidst the most gorgeous tree covered slopes. The view of the Himalayas and the star studded night sky gives it that surreal romantic appeal that you want for a wedding. For those who are planning a summer wedding, there is no option better than Mussoorie.


The Falaknuma Palace came into the limelight with the wedding of Salman Khan’s Sister. Of course, there are more reasons than that to choose this destination. The beautiful 101 seater dining table, the stained glasses, the statues and the combination of Tudor and Italian architecture is to simply die for in this palace.


The lush Bangalore palace grounds are very popular for weddings. The sprawling gardens with the majestic palace in the background are ideal for extravagant Indian weddings. You can host private parties in the Darbar hall and the Ballroom hall. If you like the outdoors, you have the beautiful gardens.


Suryagarh in Jaisalmer is known for the sun kissed dunes of sand and the camel rides. The large courtyards are great to set up all the paraphernalia that a wedding demands. Of course, Rajashtani musicians in the background will add to the ethnic experience.


The beaches of Alibaug are known for their cleanliness. The beautiful beach resorts are ideal for you to plan an impressive wedding on the shore.

These destinations are perfect to create memories for a lifetime. So, if you are planning a wedding soon, you know where to go!


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