Top Most Happening Nightlife Cities in India

Top Most Happening Nightlife Cities in India

First Published on: June 15, 2016 | Last Updated: May 23, 2020

If you love to explore a city’s nightlife when you travel, you are sure to find countless cities in India that have kept themselves up to date with the global party scene. From theme-based pubs, lounges to discotheques, you can find all this and a lot more in the following nightlife cities in India.


people dancing in a pub in goa

Everybody who has been to Goa can vouch for the fact that the nightlife in this Indian state is the best. You can experience almost all kinds of parties including full moon trance parties, dance parties, meditation delights, and much more. The beaches of Calangute, Anjuna, Baga, Colva, and Donna Paula are the nightlife hotspots in Goa. Clubs like Mambo’s, Tito’s, Butter Lounge, etc. have attracted people from all over the world. The best thing about Goa is the variety that you can experience. Jazz concerts, Beach parties, Cocktail parties, Discos etc. are just the beginning of the amazing party scene of Goa. With shacks, beach side restaurants, and tree houses still open till the wee-hours of morning one can simply enjoy a great night by the beach feeling safe and calm.


people enjoying in a pub in a mumbai

Mumbai is the home of glamor. With world renowned DJs, celebrity appearances, bands and beautifully designed night clubs, Mumbai boasts of the most happening night life in the country. Some of the most outstanding destinations include Enigma, Aaziano bar, Fire n Ice, Insomnia and Totos. Of course, there are newer and better places cropping up every single day in this city of dreams.

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people dancing in a pub

Once known as the ‘Pub Capital’ of India, Bangalore has been showing the country how to party for decades. This city is more than just the IT capital and people in Bangalore know how to let their hair down. With a popular rock music scene, Bangalore’s pubs and discos offer the best music for their party animals. Some well-known names are Purple Haze, Styx, Zero G, iBar, Club Inferno, Pecos, Athena, 13th Floor, NASA, and TGIF.


drinks served in a pub in pune

Pune is yet another city in India with a great music scene. Rock shows and music concerts are a regular affair in the city. Of course, there are some lovely restaurants, lounges and clubs that you can try while you are in Pune. Some of the most well- known nightlife places are Havana, Club Polaris, Shisha Café, Apache, Scream, 1000 Oaks Pun, Area 51, CO2 Lounge and Cyclone.


people dancing in a late night pub party in kolkata

The best thing about Kolkata is that it is a wonderful mix of modern and traditional culture. No wonder it is called the Cultural Capital of India. Needless to say, you can experience great nightlife in places like The Park, Lytton Hotel, Dublin and Someplace Else Club. Luxury bars like Tantra are the current trend in the nightlife of Kolkata.


group of people dancing

If you want to experience the most energetic nightlife in the country, Chandigarh is the place to be in. Of course, the dominant music in these places is high energy Punjabi songs that just about everyone loves. Some of the popular destinations include Antidote, Vintage Terrace, Zinc Lounge, Lava Bar etc.

When you are out to explore the nightlife in any city, just make sure that you are safe. There is so much to do and look forward to as long as you can enjoy the nightlife responsibly and only have happy memories related to your nightlife expeditions.


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