Reaching Spiti Valley through Shimla

This is more lengthy yet superior road to arrive at Spiti Valley and it is open throughout the entire year. The distance of 450km between Shimla and Kaza typically requires around two days to cover, with an overnight stay in the middle.

In transit, you can stop at Narkanda, Tapri, or Hurling for Indian cuisine. Tourists can savor Tibetan treats at Nako and Tabo.

Reaching Spiti Valley through Manali

This is the more limited course to Spiti Valley. Travelers can cover a distance of around 200km in 8-10 hours. Bikers usually like the Manali way as it takes them through high mountain passes, which circle the most challenging landscape.

In case you're driving your vehicle, you should get a 'Beyond Rohtang' grant for your vehicle.

Travelling Via Air

Going to Spiti via air is certifiably not a simple work because the Spiti Valley's closest air terminal is in Kullu, which is around 260 kilometers away.

It takes about 7 to 8 hours to arrive at Spiti from the Kullu air terminal. Another reason for not going to Spiti via air is that one probably won't have the chance to get a direct flight to Kullu air terminal from their city since it is a domestic airport.

Travelling Via Train

If you plan to visit via train, then you will still have to travel 360 km to get because the closest railway station to Spiti is Joginder Nagar.

Consequently, while heading out to Spiti via train, one will, in any case, need to cover a lengthy, challenging venture.

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