By train 

The two closest air terminals to Parvati Valley are Kullu Manali Airport and Chandigarh International Airport. Flights are somewhat on the costly end however help in cutting travel time to simply 1.5 hours. Once there, one can get nearby transports or recruit private/shared taxicabs to arrive at Parvati Valley. 

By transport 

Numerous travelers like to show up at Bhuntar through different urban areas. It is generally an overnight excursion that associates Bhuntar to New Delhi. The tour is for around 10-14 hours. No transport goes straightforwardly to any of the towns at Himachal. 

Once they showed up at Bhuntar, travelers can either take nearby transports to the towns or recruit a private taxi to take them around the numerous stops at Parvati Valley. 

Local vehicle 

Parvati Valley is effectively open through Kasol and Manikaran, which have an excellent road network to significant stops like Bhuntar and Chandigarh.

One can undoubtedly take a taxi to arrive at Parvati Valley. 

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