AIR – The closest air terminal to Gulmarg is Srinagar Airport, which is associated with every country’s significant air terminals. From the air terminal, you are needed to employ a taxi to arrive at Gulmarg. There are prepaid taxi stalls outside the air terminal.

ROAD – Gulmarg is connected with Jammu and Kashmir’s significant cities from a few of Himachal Pradesh’s urban districts. Direct transports are accessible from Delhi to Gulmarg. Both government and private vehicles run on this course.

Gulmarg is around 60 km from Srinagar by road, which can be reached by one’s vehicle. Notwithstanding, because of twisting high height streets, it takes quite a while.

TRAIN – The closest railway station to Gulmarg is the Jammu railway station, which is placed around 290 km away from Gulmarg. You can get transport from Jammu to Srinagar. Else, you can recruit a taxi straight to Gulmarg.

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