AIR – The city of Agra has its air terminal, Kheria Airport. It was initially an installation by the Indian army and is now used by commercial travelers as well.

 RAIL: Railway is the best means to arrive at Agra. The Indian Rail Network permits travelers from any side of the nation to arrive at the city through well-organized railway lines. Situated on Delhi – Mumbai and Delhi – Chennai course, Agra is connected with a wide range of cities. 

ROAD: From Delhi, transport (both government and private) employ an ordinary span that permits one to arrive at Agra using NH2 and Yamuna Expressway. Likewise, Jaipur connected with Agra through daily transports using NH 11. In comparison, Gwalior is connected with NH 13. Kanpur and Lucknow’s urban areas also permit travelers to enter the city through NH 2.


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