Why You Should Visit Goa In Hot Summer?

Why You Should Visit Goa In Hot Summer?

First Published on: May 28, 2016 | Last Updated: March 22, 2020

The sun and the sand are enough reason for you to go to Goa anytime of the year. However, there are so many more reasons why Goa makes the perfect holiday destination even during the scorching summer. Take a look:

Everything Is Super Cheap

two beer bottle on a beach

Summers find Goa to be most pocket-friendly and economical. If you head to Goa in the peak season, you not only have to shell out a fortune on travel and accommodation; but also on the food and beverages. However, summers being a lull tourist season, one can actually enjoy great deals and discounts on the best of local cuisines, resorts, clubs, tours, and more. If you are lucky you may also get cheap invites to some great beach parties as well.

Best Season For Shopaholics

street shopping in goa

If you are one for collecting souvenirs, gifts, and handicrafts; this is the time to shop around. From lovely Azulejo paintings to some serious ceramic painting, tiles, spices, cashew, and wares, Goa has a lot to offer to the shopaholics. You can pick up lovely cotton dresses, woven hammocks, macramé swings, candle stands, votives, and what not from Goa’s night bazaars and beach markets. Since there are a few select tourists during this time, the prices of the clothes, handicrafts, and accessories drop drastically.

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Enjoy Goa In All Its Glory

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The great thing about summers is that it is not as crowded as the peak season. Usually Goa is packed with people and you will hardly be able to enjoy anything. The clubs have too many people in them, there is hardly any place for you to step out on the beach and of course, the streets can get jam packed with all the traffic. So, explore the best of tourist spots, venture into its villages, go for a cruise ride and try your luck in the casinos when you visit Goa in the summer.

Quench Your Thirst For Adventure

people doing surfing in ocean

Adventure sports along the beaches and in the waters can get quite expensive during the peak season as beaches get crowded with hundreds of people wanting to go parasailing, banana boat sailing, or jet skiing. The summer months make all these activities much cheaper yet even more fun, as water is the best place to be in when the temperatures soar. Some places in Goa also have waters that are suitable for canoeing.

Photographers’ Paradise

virgin beach with a boat during sunset in goa

With fewer crowds during summers, one can truly enjoy the scenic beauty of Goa and click beautiful pictures for your collection as well. The summer sun lends great light and effects delighting the photographer in you. Explore the clear blue skies, the traditional, vibrantly colored homes of Goa, the pristine beach sand, the Goan nightlife, its people and its cuisine as well. Explore it all with your eyes and through your camera lens too. For there is simply an abundance of memories you would love to capture in these pictures and take back with you.

So, if you are planning a vacation, give the hills a skip this summer and head straight to Goa for endless fun along the beautiful beaches.


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