Top Things To Do In Hyderabad To Make Your Trip Amazing

Top Things To Do In Hyderabad To Make Your Trip Amazing

First Published on: January 21, 2020 | Last Updated: February 5, 2020

Tourists come in different categories! Some look forward to adventure sports while others are in search of history and culture. Entertainments, food and drink, amusements, and innocent or dark pleasures are some other possibilities. Though Indian cities may be similar in a sense, each place has a different origin. Charminar, the imposing 16th century Hyderabad mosque with four towers, greets you amidst the Old City. Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah founded Hyderabad and built Golconda Fort that had to be given up due to severe water problems. Charminar was the new administrative center. Do you fancy climbing Charminar for a bird’s eye view of the city?

Start with Golconda Fort Light and Sound show

Much is lost of the past but still remains like the wonder of the Golconda Fort with elevated scientific principles that then ruled. The display of mesmeric light and vibrant colors in the night wakes up the past with resounding sounds and voices down the corridors of history. A treat for the senses, develop a sense of what happened down the ages in Telangana. Characters, plot, and historic charm you to the core.

Museums hit you all over

Give ample time and opportunity to revel in the museums that tell many pretty tales of art and culture, sculpture, and furniture. Starting with the Shahi kings, Hyderabad passed through the Moghul and British influences, but the Nizams reigned supreme, lodged in the grand 200-year-old Chowmahallah Palace. Now a spectacular museum, the exhibits include automobiles and photographs, furniture and garments, all with the stamp of antiquity.

The last 7th Nizam left behind a stirring legacy at Purana Haveli. You won’t forget Salar Jung Museum in a hurry amidst the antiques and the arts that get far into the soul and leave an indelible stamp on the consciousness. Art treasures from Persia, Egypt, and North America, along with weapons used by Mughal emperors, are on display.

Maybe it is time to feast upon Biriyani!

Tandoori and Kebabs, Falooda, and Biriyani belong to the Mughal cuisine tradition along with the Persian and Middle East influence. Paradise Restaurants and many other outlets bring you the lilting tastes of generations of Biriyani lovers. The spicy rice-based dish in a variety of recipes, usually combined with meat do satiate the senses along with the perks like the dessert Falooda that doubles as a delightful drink to beat the heat.

Tandoori refers to the slow cooking oven for pieces of bread and meat, and Kebabs represent grilled chicken or mutton, according to preferences.

Live Ramoji Film City fantasy

India would not be what it is without the hundreds of films that usually contain songs and dances galore! Artificial sets they may be, but the impact is profound. Let the imagination go wild with the memories of action, lights, and costumes, majestic as you tread on a world of dreams in Ramoji. Are you sure you will not try out acting or directing a film? All the facilities are laid out in front of you as far as the eye can see. Airports and palaces, villages, and towns open up as if by magic, looking more real than they do on cinematic screens. The larger than life experience does have an electrifying effect like so much of Hyderabad.

The peaceful Hussain Sagar Lake beckons

A human-made lake in the heart shape was built way back in 1563. Amidst the relaxed and tranquil surroundings stands an impressive, very tall Buddha Statue right in the midst, as if asking you to row across in a boat. Get a lesson or two on meditation that the Buddha believed was the starting point to attain enlightenment of the soul and escape from worldly travails.

Getting back to the past in Laad Bazaar

Along with dramatic shopping at favorite malls, check out the historic Laad Bazaar. An open market that specialized in bangles since the days of the Nizams still sells them along with lots of other wholesale stuff. Also called Choodi Bazaar for the bangles, all kinds of people descend here through the day to complete their commercial activities. Reminisce the past in this secret meeting with the times that once were.

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Chilkur Balaji Temple

While temples, churches, and mosques abound across India, this one is different. The belief is keen that the approval of the deity here would enable the grant of a visa. Shall we call it the Visa Balaji Temple? Feel the intense faith as you wander the temple premises.

Regal Mecca Masjid

An accommodation that can hold 10,000 devotees attracts people from all faiths in spite of the Islamic influence. One cannot help remembering those exquisite artisans who gave it shape and substance. Come face to face with the spirituality that has characterized humanity for all of history and even earlier.

Hyderabad Adventure Club

Meant for those fit and young at heart, trekking, paragliding, and white water rafting could bring welcome exhilarating action. Make sure that you are in robust health and have some practice in the sport to avoid any calamity. Safety comes first, and kids and the aged are vulnerable.

Paying respects to the dear departed

Hindu and Persian architectures combine in this dazzling monument. Qutub Shahi Tomb in Ibrahim Bagh is a masterpiece, too, as you feel the vibes of a civilization that has long gone by. Hyderabad owes its existence to these mighty kings and leaves one wondering about what the future might bring.

A rendezvous with the colors of nature

Nehru Zoological Park, especially for the kids, would be welcome solace after the hectic schedules that tours always turn out to be. Hear the rustle of the trees and relive the village life amidst the peaceful park close to birds and animals. Jungle Safari does bring you close to adventure.

British Residency

East India Company representative James Achilles constructed this grand neo-classical mansion back in the early 1800s. Representing the mighty British power of another age, a vast ballroom with chandeliers and balconies for guests would leave you awed.

Indulge in exotic Bidriware

Bidar in Karnataka is where this art form originates. Silver is inlaid over a blackened alloy of zinc and copper. Carry home a few souvenirs.

If time still waits, carry on with the Birla Mandir atop a hill, Jagannath Temple, the Boulder Walk, and Go-kart at Runway 9. KBR National Park and Karachi Bakery yet remain.


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