Top 10 Most Delectable Street Food To Try Out Once In Mumbai

A close-up of vada on a bun, perfectly cooked and garnished, ready to be savored.

At the mention of the financial capital of India, the mighty urban Mumbai, it is time to dream. What would you dream of? Money, of course, with the concentrated businesses amidst the frenzy in a city works day and night to maximize profits. There is more in the film industry that colors the city in fantasy shades, and visions of film stars could greet you anywhere. Don’t forget about the sea that rules everywhere too.

The dedicated foodie will be content in Mumbai with gastronomic delights borrowed from a variety of global cuisines. It is good sometimes to get away from the formal and the synthetic eating places and indulge in snacks casually by the wayside or the beach. Commence the journey with one of the many PAVs. Like all foods, recipes could be customized according to tastes and preferences along with the fusion that is getting common too. It is time to search for many more dishes in Mumbai that is perennially high on snacks and so much to do.

Vada Pav

The typical Mumbai snack Vada Pav seems to be everywhere, a very convenient breakfast or snack at any time of the busy working day. Pav refers to the Indian bread rolls with potato or batata between the slices with mouth-watering chutneys or sauces. Love them at Ashok Vada Pav, Dadar, and Anand Vada Pav, Vile Parle.

Misal Pav

How can we miss out on the best vegetarian food awardee Misal Pav by Food Hub, London? Enjoy the sprouts’ curry with onions, tomatoes, and farsan, a fried savory mixture. A few drops of lemon juice bring a tangy taste. Mee Marathi, Gypsy Corner, and Vinay Health Home are some venues for genuine tastes!

Pav Bhaji

Again a Pav combination, the bhaji refers to vegetable gravy with mashed and sliced vegetables. How is it prepared? Onion, ginger, and garlic are sautéed in butter. Boiled and mashed vegetables are added along with the tasty pav bhaji masala. The common vegetables used are cauliflower and potatoes, peas, capsicum, and French beans. Cannon Pav Bhaji and Sardar Pav Bhaji provide some of the best.

Bhel Puri

A very Indian snack and spicily flavored too, puffed rice are tossed with vegetables and chutneys. The usual ingredients are potato, onion, and tomato. A simple and light snack is often preferred between grand banquets to rest the mind and body. Girgaon Chaupati Beach along the Marina Drive at Sharmaji and Badshah’s are the right venues besides Kisan Panipuri and Bhelpuri too.

Pani Puri

A big bang favorite all over India, Pani Puri is refreshing and energizing. Fusions and experiments are the truth about the new recipes. The little big Pani Puri has too many flavors now besides the traditional jeera with ginger. Would you prefer some new approaches? Khajur-imli, pudina, nimbu-pani, or hajmola? Chocolate and mango? Try out some at Elco Panipuri Centre, Bandra, or Ram and Shyam, Santa Cruz. Punjab Sweet House, Bandra?


While the previous little snacks are truly Indian, we need cosmopolitan flavors too and adapt them to the local settings. Kebabs came from the Middle Eastern countries and have been loved in India for ages. Kebabs imply little pieces of meat that are grilled on a skewer, often in restaurants in front of customers for a richly satisfying experience. The spices and the marinating result in those extraordinary culinary experiences that everybody is in search of. A delicious little snack, try them out at Sarvi or Bademiya, Zaffran, or Toto’s Garage.


A sumptuous meal would consider it a dramatic dessert, while sultry regions would shake off the thirst under its magic. Also, from the Middle East, Mumbai is its home in India. The variety is endless, and choices could be enigmatic. It can be combined with ice cream floating at the top of the tall glass, with chocolate, strawberry or butterscotch, kulfi, or Kesar too. Add seasonal fruit settings like mango or litchi. Noodles of tapioca or sago, along with sweet basil seeds or trukmaria seeds, are common ingredients. Psyllium or isabgol too. Would you like to reach Baba Faluda, Badshah Cold Drink, or On the Way Falooda for the rich experience?

Kanda Poha

The name stood for onions and flattened red or white rice, but it means so much. Boiled potato could also be added. Peas and carrot, peanuts and coriander would heighten the taste and make the light snack more filling. Sugar, salt, oil, and mustard seeds do the rest along with curry leaves and green chilly. Accompanies by hot tea, try it out at the stalls nearby Dadar Shivaji Park.

Bombay Sandwich

Along with bread slices, all you need are mixed vegetables, a green chutney, and some powdered spices. Grilled or toasted with an assortment of recipes, personalize it for yummy experiences. Sandwich masala would be an excellent choice for fiery flavors. Cheese or egg could be among the filling choices. Raju Sandwich Stall stands out with a tingling range.


Hailing from Kutch in Gujarat, Dabeli may be defined as a spicy potato filling deep inside a bun. Along with fried gram flour vermicelli, you might find grapes, onions, and pomegranates. Cheese and several condiments contribute to that ‘wow’ taste of this simple but effective snack. Kapil Dabeli Centre, Matunga Dabeli, and Trendy Taste are some deserving outlets for a variety of these refreshing snacks.

If more of a canvas is needed to paint your street foodie dreams, Anda Pav with eggs, the meat-based Kheema Pav, and Ragda Pattice present further exotic explorations of the taste buds.

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