A Serene Escape: Seven Picturesque Lakes in Sikkim

A Serene Escape: Seven Picturesque Lakes in Sikkim

First Published on: April 29, 2023 | Last Updated: May 30, 2023

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake is one of the most mesmerizing lakes in Sikkim. Locally it is known as Changu Lake. This is a beautiful oval-shaped lake amidst the glaciers and the peaks. It is a source for various small streams in the region. This lake attracts numerous birds which is eye-catching for bird watchers. Brahminy Duck is one of the native species that can be seen at the lake. Tourists enjoy a short cable car ride to explore the beauty of the place. Plan a visit to the lake to get picturesque photographs and an amazing experience.

Beautiful mountain lake, snow clad mountain visible behind. A woman is riding on yak.

Menmecho Lake

One cannot miss visiting the beautiful Menmecho Lake which is located just below the Jelep La Pass. This lake is a blanket of snow in winter and a colourful place in spring. At the time of spring, it attracts tourists who love greenery and blooming flowers all around. This lake is one of the favourites of Sikkimese for fishing. The Himalayas and the surrounding forests enhance the charm of this lake. One of the most special traits of the lake is it changes its color every minute which is a great thing to admire. The shore of the Lake has sand to give a beach-like experience amidst the hills. Travellers are attracted to this lake for its special trout fishing and various thrilling adventures.

A view of lake in the middle of the heart of mountain. Snow covered blue lake.

Gurudongmar Lake

Get an experience of magical nature by visiting Gurudongmar Lake. This lake is nested amidst the snowy mountains that are a sight for serenity. It is a sacred place for both Hindus as well as Buddhists. There is a particular spot at the lake that never freezes which is a blessing of Guru Rimpoche. Tourists come here to get a glimpse of the blessed lake and pray for their fulfilment. This magnificent lake is one of the 15 highest lakes in the world. The water of the Lake is so scary that it is said to have healing properties as well.

Blue lake in the heart of mountain with blue sky above. On the right side, there are holy flags.

Samiti Lake

Samiti Lake is the tiniest lake in Sikkim but has charismatic beauty. This lake is surrounded by two different mountains which give the shape of the perfect home for tranquillity. Tourists majorly visit this lake while trekking to high attitude. It is a perfect resting place to relax and rejuvenate amidst the natural beauty. During summers tourists even get to see sheep and cattle grazing by the lakeshore. This lake is a tiny lake but it is definitely one of the mesmerizing lakes of Sikkim.

The blue lake view of Samiti Lake. The reflection of snow clad mountain highlighted with golden yellow sunlight

Green Lake

Sikkim has beautiful Lakes that leave a unique charm among travellers. Green Lake is one of those lakes which have a mysterious existence. One can enjoy the reflection of Khangchendzonga Peak on the lake’s surface. People while trekking to the most popular routes in Sikkim visit and explore this fascinating lake. This lake has emerald green color water thus named as Green Lake of Sikkim. The lake is mysterious as once it disappeared and now just remains as a lake basin.

Beautiful view of a lake, surrounded by the lush green mountains around. The evening hue of sky is reflecting in the lake.

Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake is one of the lakes on the bucket list of tourists who likes to visit holy places. This lake is the highest lake in Sikkim and is worshipped by Hindus as well as Buddhists. The lake is said to be a wish-fulfilling beautiful water body. It is surrounded by lush green hills and still, you will hardly find any leaves fallen in the lake. The locals believe the birds protect the lake from any intruders. Visit this captivating lake to enjoy the stunning sights of nature.

The picture of a lake in the heart of forest, on the left hand side there is a wooden bridge for the tourist to view the lake.

Poison Lake

Poison Lake as the name suggests has an interesting story behind it. People visit this lake to know the story. One of the local rulers in the 18th century ordered to poison this lake so that the British army resist entering the state. This lake was the only source of water in the region, so many British soldiers died after drinking the water. His plan succeeded, the British army departed, and this lake is now known as Poison Lake. It is surrounded by alpine vegetation and is home to chirping birds. This lake is known for tranquillity and serenity and is perfect for meditation.

Green lake, surrounded by the both side of forest area


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