Why You Must Visit Kerala In Monsoon

Why You Must Visit Kerala In Monsoon

First Published on: July 18, 2017 | Last Updated: January 31, 2020

During the monsoons, the state of Kerala comes alive with the fresh smell of wet mud and the glistening greenery. The hills, the tea estates and the misty roads seem like something straight out of a fairytale. The best part is that Kerala is the only state that has two monsoons – the first between June and August and then again between October and November. If you are looking for the perfect monsoon getaway, then Kerala is the ideal location for you. Here are following 8 reasons why you must visit Kerala in monsoon:

Spend Time With That Someone Special

There is nothing more romantic than rain. Add some lush green surroundings and fresh monsoon winds and you have the perfect romantic getaway. The monsoons in Kerala witness heavy downpours which gives you a chance to snuggle up and make some fond memories with your loved ones. There are several places like Vagamon, Wayanad, Poovar Island, Alappuzha, Kovalam and Munnar where you can enjoy the beautiful backwaters and simply laze around on a houseboat or gaze into each other’s eyes for hours in romantic spas along these waters.

Relax With A Great Ayurvedic Massage

While a good massage is alleviating at any time of the year, monsoons make your body additionally responsive. You see, the moist, cold and dust free environment opens the pores on your skin. That way, the oils and therapeutic methods used during an Ayurvedic massage are a lot more effective. Of course, come monsoons and you will receive huge discounts on these treatments are well.

Monsoon Is The Festive Season In Kerala

This prosperous time heralds several festivities and celebrations in Kerala. One of the most important festivals, Onam, is celebrated between August and September. Enjoy the poojas, decorated streets, beautifully lit temples, the extraordinary flower designs or Pookalam and of course, the Onam Sadhiya which is a huge spread of local delicacies. Besides this, the annual snake boat race also occurs on the Pamba River during Onam. This is one of the biggest attractions in Kerala, bringing in thousands of tourists each year.

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Enjoy The Brimming Backwaters

The backwaters come alive with the lush green palms dotting them, the green surroundings and the call of several birds that visit Kerala during the monsoons. The houseboats are the best option to unwind on the backwaters during the monsoons. There are several other activities like the Alappuzha Canal Cruise and The Alappuzha Kochi cruise that are planned especially for the monsoons.

Soak Yourself In The Emerald Beauty Of The Hills

The leaves turn a bright green color during the monsoons, adding a fresh sparkle to the greenery in Kerala. A trek up one of the hills as you wade through sprawling tea and coffee estates is a great experience. Places like Munnar and Thekkady are especially recommended for those who love a good holiday in a hill station. The air is filled with the aroma of fresh spices like cardamom, pepper and cinnamon that thrive during the monsoons. Of course, the view of the backwaters from the hill-top is something everyone should witness.

Picnic By The Waterfalls

All the rivers reach their full glory during the monsoons. The same is true for the several waterfalls that flow down the hills and mountains of Kerala. These gushing waterfalls are the perfect backdrop for a quiet picnic. Many of these waterfalls also flow through forests with medicinal plants, making a shower under them very therapeutic. The cold waters sting at first but you are sure to realize how soothing they are for the entire body when you soak yourself in them. Even as you drive around the hilly areas, you can witness silver cascades of pristine water. This, surrounded by the greenery and a light coat of mist is truly magical. All you need is a good cup of tea, some local delicacies and good company to make the holiday even more special.

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Get A Bird’s Eye View From Special Treehouse Resorts

Have you ever dreamt of switching lives with George of the Jungle? Well, then coming to Kerala during the monsoons will fulfil that wish. There are specially designed, luxurious tree houses amidst the canopies of the rainforests that you can enjoy during the monsoons. Wayanad is best known for these beautiful tree houses. Watch chirping birds, enjoy the smell of the rain and soak in the tranquility of the forests while you sip a cup of freshly brewed filter coffee. In Wayanad, you can also enjoy the SPLASH carnival that is organized in the month of July. They offer several local sports and tours that will address the adventurer in you.

Enjoy Great Discounts

You can get some of the best holiday packages at great discounts during the monsoons in Kerala. One can get almost as much as 30%-50% off on accommodation. There are also common tourist interests like houseboats or Ayurvedic massages at throw away prices during the monsoons.


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