Interesting Things To Do In Amritsar For A Mesmerising Trip

Interesting Things To Do In Amritsar For A Mesmerising Trip

First Published on: February 27, 2020 | Last Updated: February 27, 2020

Amritsar being the largest city of Punjab as well as a perfect combination of culture, traditions, patriotism and much more is a must-see destination. From visiting historical places to Sikh’s major place of worship, it has always been known for serving guests with the best of shopping and savoring food. The place has a lot of things to allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of this city.

Indulge In The Tranquility Of Tradition

The most famous temple of Sikhs in the world Golden Temple is here to give you peace from the melodies of the soul of Amritsar. This holy shrine is not only a place of worship but also a unique piece of architecture to embrace. The gold and marble work of the gurdwara is worth appreciation. The early morning chants of Guru Granth sahib and the glinting glory at night of the gurdwara is mesmerizing. One can relax and calm sitting near the holy water watching fishes and listening to the serene of holy water.

There are a number of other famous gurudwaras to be witnessed in Amritsar. These gurdwaras have peaceful surroundings to relax your mind body and soul. To make your experience memorable savor the Kada Prasad of gurudwaras.

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An ancient pilgrimage witnessing period of Ramayana known as Ram Tirath is also located near to Amritsar. This place is historical as it is believed that Goddess Sita gave birth to her twins Luv and Kush here. One can feel the epic Ramayana by visiting this place.

Give Yourself The Perfect Feel Of Patriotism

Wagah Border is the famous border between India and Pakistan, 40 kilometers away from Amritsar. To feel the strength of our country and respect for our flag this is the perfect place to visit. The closing of the flag ceremony every day at 5 pm and the march of soldiers of both countries can render the feeling of patriotism in the veins of each of us. This is the best place for a nation lover to be proud of our country. Make sure to get through the queues and get a seat in the crowd of thousands of spectators by reaching before time.

The tragic history of Jallianwala Bagh is an unforgettable moment for every Indian. To feel the sacrifice of many lives as well as the struggle of the nation, this place is the most visited by the tourists in Amritsar. The bullet marks on the walls and the other leftovers still reminds of the pain and the dreadful event that occurred here. Each important place, as well as the bullet marks, are captioned to give its information in the bagh which is worth watching.

Jallianwala Bagh park in punjab with dome in center
Source: Goibibo

Fill Up Your Shopping Bags

Any trip is incomplete without hopping in for shopping. One of the busiest markets of Amritsar is Hall Bazaar known for a variety of stuff. From clothes, fabrics, traditional footwear to unique jewelry pieces, you can find everything in one place. The list of range does not end here and also includes various handicrafts, home decor, books, electronics and so on. Shopping woolen stuff like shawls, blankets, and carpets draw the special attention of the tourists.

Golden temple souvenirs, Punjabi dupattas, pashminas, and phulkari dupattas are a must buy out here. The prices are so affordable that you can fill your shopping bags with very little money.

Various food stalls and restaurants here make your day out with family a complete package.

Give Your Food Cravings A Typical Punjabi Savor

Relish the awesome Punjabi food away from the free kitchen of the golden temple. This place is full of Punjabi dhabas and restaurants serving the popular North Indian Cuisine. The food here is amazingly tasty to satisfy food cravings at any time in Amritsar. Food is the life of a trip, and delicacies here are mouthwateringly making your trip a memorable one. The decor of the restaurants here may be simple but the aroma of desi ghee is enough to allure towards the taste of best dishes here.

The flavors of world-class famous lassi, stuffed parathas, chana, phirni, dal and so on can leave a fascination for food in you and can bring you back to these places in Amritsar again.

Time To Treat Yourself With Some History And Culture

To go back into the time of history and capture the moments of culture, one can visit Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum. This place showcases the history of the first and great Sikh empire’s king Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The place was earlier the palace of the king which later transformed into a museum for tourists. The arms, coins, paintings and personal stuff of the king depict the life of the emperor.

To experience more of the history a place names as Central Sikh Museum is perfect to visit. It is one of the oldest tourist attractions of Amritsar. This place is a dedication to the martyrdom of the Sikh community who sacrificed their lives. The collection out here thus includes portraits and belongings of Sikh gurus, saints, leaders, and warriors.

To completely go into the culture one can take a visit to Gobindgarh Fort. The army controls the activities in the fort. The fort attracts tourists for its spectacular architecture which includes a square pattern monument with various gates. The gates of the fort are said to be connected to the tunnel of Lahore. The fort has eye captivating Hawa Mahal, Darbar Hall, and Phansi Ghar that can be explored to see the life of Sikh leaders.

Enjoy The Hospitality Of Locals

Last but not the least people and their hospitality is outstanding. They are very friendly as well as helpful. As we all are aware the Sikh community is known for their gestures and well being, we can experience it as a whole by interacting with them here. People here have a big heart and a lot of respect for guests to leave an unforgettable impact on them.

So what is the wait for? Plan a trip and visit the worth remembering complete package of traditions, culture and much more.


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