Gokarna: A Peaceful Alternative To Goa

Gokarna: A Peaceful Alternative To Goa

First Published on: January 19, 2020 | Last Updated: August 15, 2021

There are plenty of people to vouch for Goa as the ideal destination to swing in the loud and wild fun full of people. But what if your idea of entertainment does not include boisterous and non-stop party nights? What if the tranquility of nature attracts you more and brings you greater amusement? Then, devoid of the clamorous crowd yet with all the sand beneath your feet, and the salty sea breeze in your hair, Gokarna, no doubt, would be a better suit for you. Traveling down an hour south of the Goa border, Gokarna is a remote and small town in Karnataka. Although lesser-known, it is a place for both the pious pilgrims for its mythological value and the holidaymakers who seek to lounge in the quiet lap of nature.

Uncrowded Beaches

If solitude is what you yearn for the most, Gokarna is the perfect choice because the uproarious crowd is not a matter to worry about. Unlike the beaches of Goa, Gokarna is comparatively calmer with fewer people crowding the sandy shores, disturbing nature with clamor and cry. Kudle Beach, Paradise Beach, and Half Moon Beach are excellent choices for your search for seclusion. It becomes nothing less than heaven for couples to take a romantic walk or for families to enjoy a peaceful time with each other without the din and bustle of thousands of people.

The beaches in Gokarna thus exhibit an idyllic view, in accordance with your desire for some peace and quiet. Leaving all the exasperation of the city behind, and submit yourself to nature, which is the ultimate form of peace that you can find. Embracing the coolness of the sea breeze or soaking the warmth of the sun, you are free to roam in the realm of serenity. Sitting in an uncrowded beach, you can behold the surreal scene of myriad colors when the sun slowly slips behind the ocean.

Serene Rides

There is no dearth of sea cruises in Goa. But what it lacks is the refreshing serenity of the salty water and breeze caressing your body when you take a catamaran ride across the beaches in Gokarna. Unlike the water rides available in Goa to provide the adrenaline rush, Gokarna offers you the smooth and slow pace of a boat ride. Swaying the lap of the ocean the boat ride definitely will lull you into a peaceful mood. Moreover, the quietude of the atmosphere will calm your mind. In close contact with the gorgeous blue waters on the ride, you can lose yourself carefree. The visible outline of the beaches is also a balm to the eye. There are several Doshermen on the beaches who are always at the service of travelers to arrange these serene rides.

Pristine Waterfalls

The excessive pollution of the water bodies in Goa makes it difficult to have a good swim or a simple bath in the open nature. However, nothing beats a spontaneous dip at a beautiful waterfall among the rich flora and fauna of nature. In Gokarna, falls like Sathodi, Vibhooti are excellent choices for a tranquilizing experience without any disturbance from a large crowd.

Quiet Nightlife

The nightlife in Gokarna is much quieter in contrast to Goa. Where Goa is a paradise for party lovers, pub crawlers, Gokarna offers a different version of the same party spirit. The nightlife of Gokarna is much more serene, which allows you to spend time with your dear ones next to the warmth of a bonfire. Added with these, the rhythmic whistle of the waves at night would be a perfect setting to take a stroll on the beach for the solitude seekers. Camping on the beach under the night sky studded with stars would also be a magical experience. Waves glowing blue at Nirvana beach is an amazing phenomenon to witness.

So, if you do not want to indulge in loud parties and prefer to enjoy a soothing atmosphere away from the nuisances of the crowd, then choosing Gokarna for a weekend getaway would be a wise decision. It is an impossible dream to find a perfect place in Goa that is not at all cramped by the hordes of travelers.

Hence, no doubt, the beautiful landscape of Gokarna, replete with dazzling sandy beaches and crystal blue water is a splendid option for people looking for relaxation and solace away from the doldrums of a busy life. Whether traveling solo or as a couple, or with family and friends, it is a location suitable for anyone keen to absorb the peace of nature.

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Without the bustle and blare, indeed, Gokarna is a unique location combining all the things that you could find in Goa. But also providing an answer to the requirements of serenity and peace.


Paushali Bhattacharya

Paushali Bhattacharya

As a traveller who is incredibly lazy, the author spends half of her days on the road, and the other half on the couch. Also, this is not the only contradiction in her life. 

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