Female Friendly Destination In India For Solo Women Travelers

A woman standing on a mountain edge, gazing at a lake below.

India is said to be one of the best for tourism with numerous tourist places that are blessed with picturesque nature, diversified culture, aesthetic history, architecture, spirituality and much more. All these traits make the trip memorable for visitors to India.

Trips with the family or friends or with a partner is always a good idea, but to know oneself better and to give oneself wings to fly high one should have experience of solo traveling too.

Especially for a woman, it is very important to enjoy the freedom and come out of their comfort zone, and for this solo traveling is one best idea. This will also boost one’s confidence and will give a lifetime experience to cherish forever. The only thing to keep in mind as a female solo traveler taking precautions all time be it a safe or an unsafe place. So get ready girls and plan a solo trip in one of the women-friendly destinations of India to meet new people, share experiences and create unforgettable moments.


It is a hill station with an abundance of natural beauty to adore and is an incredibly safe place for a woman to explore. The magnificent Naini lake, snow viewpoint with a cable car ride are the major attractions to give your solo traveling a boost. Walk around the mall road and indulge in flea shopping that makes this place one of the favorite destinations among women. Keep yourself calm and enjoy the serenity of the place to find yourself blessed in the foothills of Himalayas.


The city of lakes is as lovely as it seems with the beautiful lakes, surrounded by Aravalli hills and ravishing palaces to add charm. Enjoy your alone time and treasure the rich culture and hospitality of the place with mesmerizing sunsets on a boat ride in Pichola lake. Sit by the side of the lake and enjoy meals with great picturesque views. This place is quite safe for solo women travelers with little precautions such as not roaming around too late at night as people are early here and the city is shut down soon.


An ideal place for beach solo traveler or even for party lovers. People here are mostly indulged in their own activities thus this place is quite safe until and unless you are carefree. Locals are also friendly and you will feel safe as a female solo traveler. Get a chance of finding your inner happiness at this place by admiring numerous beaches with glorious sunsets and sunrises. Just lay down by the seashore with a drink in hand and enjoy the tranquility of the waves. The fun does not end here, enjoy various water sports, sightseeing, nightlife and fulfill your contentment.


For a thrilling experience escape in the real-life heaven in Ladakh. The scenic landscapes with rugged mountain peaks, glacier lakes, magnificent views on highest passes and more here are enough to make a trip worth remembering. People here are helpful and well behaved, it is quite safe for a woman to travel alone. This place is magical and exciting if the traveler is a biker to make it more adventurous. A recommendation is this place is not very suitable for first-time solo women travelers.


To feel the realness of history, the blue city of India is a good choice. The beauty of forts and palaces here will give you spellbound experience. The Mehrangarh Fort, Jaswant Thada, and Umaid Bhawan, Kaylana lake are the major places for a must visit to feel the royalty of the city. Visitors here are history lovers and you can get to meet like-minded people on your trip. Just choose the right place to stay and be a little cautious and you are safe to enjoy this trip. Carry home some colorful fabrics, jutties, handicrafts, antiques and much more from the super busy clock tower market for which this place is popular among females.


This place is a hilly paradise for a solo traveler to explore high mountain passes, bare mountains, glacier lakes, ancient monasteries and nonetheless spectacular views. Enjoy bike tours, camping, village stays and trekking to complete your trip. It is one of the less explored places in India but worth exploring in a lifetime. Thus the crime rate here is almost nil and people are friendly and helpful to have a safe solo trip.


Sikkim with its rich culture, natural beauty is a remarkable destination in the northeast region of India. It has unparalleled beauty of high mountains, subtle lakes, Buddhist monasteries, low valleys and more to admire. With its distinctive hospitality, it is one of the finest destinations to visit alone for a woman. Trekking, sightseeing, rafting, exploring hill town and of course partying in several lounges or bars will make your solo vacation wonderful.


A classic escape in hills with undulating river here will make your solo trip amazing. Both the old as well as new Manali gives a different experience to explore. People here are very friendly to be safe and transportation with car rentals is safe and secure as they are under taxi unions. Step old Manali to experience riverside restaurants, cafes and various shops with a tint of hippie style. Trekking mountains, camping, waterfalls, Rohtang pass, Solang valley, ancient temples, hot springs, river rafting, paragliding are some major activities to make your vacation perfect.


One of the best places for a woman solo traveler is the pink city, the destination exhibiting royalty. With numerous forts and palaces, this place is known for the best architecture. One can shop here famous Jaipuri mojris, gemstones jewelry, lehariya saree, bandhani fabrics, handcrafted items and much more. This destination has a lot of shopping options and is best for a woman solo traveler to make the vacation light and full of enjoyment.


It is one of the fancy destinations known as the city of palaces with luxurious heritage, amazing architecture, rich culture and much more. This place lies in the foothills of Chamundi hills giving picturesque sightseeing. Apart from all this, it is famous for sandalwood and silk sarees. You can also give yourself a stress-free life with unparalleled yoga sessions here. It is one of the safest places for a woman solo traveler to get a marvelous feel of Indian culture and history.


A solo traveler needs freedom, relief and serene around. To get this Munnar is a perfect destination known for its tea plantations, amazing landscapes, and beauty of nature to find tranquility in. It is considered to be a safe place for women as hospitality here comes from very honest and down to earth people. Stay in eye captivating resorts here and enjoy their packages to roam around the district.


Enjoy the holy city of India alone and live peacefully and safely as long as you are cautious about yourself. This city is on the bank of river Ganga and marks spirituality in every corner of it. Visit numerous temples here to get into the connection of divine. Take bath in holy river Ganga at river ghats and attend the Ganga aarti to sense sacredness. The only thing that one should keep in mind as a female is a dress conservatively and respect the holy place. This place is also famous for Banarasi silk sarees and fabrics. Visiting this sacred place you can find peace even in the middle of a crowd in this ethereal world.


For art and history lovers, this heritage site in Karnataka is a must-visit. It has more than 500 monuments including ancient temples and other beautiful structures to visit with the backdrop of hills to make your trip picturesque. The local people here are respectful and enjoy serving tourists from all over the world. This makes the place super safe for women traveling alone always keeping yourself careful. The river adds to the beauty of nature here with various boat rides. To make most of it enjoy rock climbing, ferry rides and city tour on cycle here. This place is best known for its beautifully architectured ancient temples as well as a heavenly place for mountaineers.


Enjoy France in India with french influenced architecture and food in this pretty safe place for females to go. It is one of the best places for solo trips that have a blend of foreign influence, spirituality, the snugness of beaches and much more. You can explore the colonial architecture with french delicacies at various cafes and restaurants to get a good culinary experience. The major and the only thing to keep in mind as a solo woman traveler is to find your accommodation wisely to be safe.


It is one of the best trekking destinations in India. With this it is even a good destination for river rafting, camping, trekking, water sports as well as riverside walking will add a thrilling experience in your trip as it is a small village on the banks of river Parvati. People here are kind and welcoming, the only thing you need to keep in mind is finding and taking advice from the right person, and you will enjoy a safe trip as a solo woman traveler. It is a party place of the hills catering to a lot of hippies. One can enjoy hippie cultures as well as stunning scenery here to calm your soul. Go visit Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara for hot springs, a well-known place near Kasol to find serene.


This place is Yoga capital of the world located in the foothills of Himalayas. It is one of the ideal destinations for a solo trip for women with a blend of adventure, blissfulness, and spirituality. Camping here is safe as people are generous and spiritual. This place is best to know yourself better and connect to your soul. Activities like river rafting, camping, trekking, rock climbing, bungee jumping and so on will make your trip an adventurous as well as worth remembering.


A pilgrimage destination for Hindus with beautiful beaches can be experienced here in Gokarna, a town on the Arabian sea. It is known for the famous Mahabaleshwar temple but also has heavenly beaches with pristine waters to explore. The vacation here will be a piece of tranquility away from the restlessness of the world as the place is very less commercialized and more of repose. Due to less commercialization, people here are very friendly and helpful and thus itis a safe and easy place to do solo traveling for women.


This place is a perfect escape in the beauty of the valley to spend alone time and find yourself better. Enjoy your jaunt amidst the hills visiting various locations with picturesque landscapes in this safe destination. Walk down on the mall road to meet new people, get busy in shopping and give your taste buds savoring delicacies here. To relax and make the most out of your solo traveling this is one of the best places to visit. Visit nearby locations such as Kufri to make your trip more adventurous and exciting.

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