Fairs And Festivals During December In India

A vibrant music festival with a massive crowd, illuminated by dazzling fireworks in the background.

December in a way is synonymous to winding up all the year’s activities with a festive wrap-up and preparing to welcome the New Year. On the same parlance, the festivals in India are also lined up with fun, frolic and excitement. And what better way to say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new one than by traveling to a new land, experience a new festival and enjoy a different cultural fair.

So here’s bringing you a list of some of the best fairs and festivals in the month of December. Would you like to pick one to experience?

Hornbill Festival In Nagaland

The best reason to visit and travel to Nagaland in December is the onset of the annual Hornbill Festival. Celebrated in the first week, it beckons all the Nagamese tribes to Kohima, the state capital and the celebration that follows is exhilarating as the tribes unite to present a great cultural inauguration. The festival takes place at the Naga heritage village and is packing with exciting competitions, dances, displays, flower exhibitions, joy rides, adventure sports activities, beauty contests and more. One can get an insight into the Naga culture through their display of tribal huts called ‘Morungs’ and sample their traditional food delicacies.

Magnetic Fields Festival In Rajasthan

This festival again is a three-day extravaganza, held in Alsisar Rajasthan between the 9th to 11th of December. Though the name sounds modern, it mainly celebrates music, and several arts from the ancient Indian culture, yoga programs, art exhibitions and treasure hunts. One can enjoy comfortable stay in tents or palace suites during these three days and enjoy musical performances by artists from all over the country and abroad.

The Winter Festival At Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Yes, all the travelers who have not visited Mount Abu, Rajasthan must rush to this desert hill station this year to enjoy the winter festival. IT is organized in the last three days of the year. With breathtakingly dazzling fireworks, amazing folk dances, music, concerts, and fairs.

Sunburn Festival In Goa

No one can forget Goa during the New Year. The sandy beaches and the electrifying night clubs! However, the biggest attraction there at this time of the year is the Sunburn festival. It is an EDM festival celebrated in Goa from 27th to 30th December and what a sight it is. Known to be one of the largest song and music festival in India Sunburn attracts tourists by the thousands from all across the globe.

Rann Utsav At Kutch, Gujarat

If you want to experience the feeling of visiting Moon, then Kutch is the place and Rann Utsav is the reason! One can stay at the Tent City and enjoy lavish amenities such as spas and meditation centers. You can explore the local Kutch cuisine, life and grand happenings during your stay period.

In addition to the folk dances and songs, you can also shop for some eye-catching handicraft items as home décor or souvenirs. For those with a thirst for adventure, you can try activities such as bike rides, paragliding, treks and excursions. Try to stay during a full moon night to earn an unforgettable experience. If you feel like relaxing, then you get an invigorating spa during your stay.

So go ahead and travel to any of these destinations with your backpack and a camera and you are sure to never tire of clicking memorable photos and selfies. Every moment will remain etched in your mind for a whole lifetime.

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