Best Street Foods In Kolkata : Must Try On Your Trip Here

Best Street Foods In Kolkata : Must Try On Your Trip Here

First Published on: January 18, 2020 | Last Updated: January 29, 2020

Kolkata, the Cultural Capital of our nation, is famous for its cultural heritage, food, and literature. Anyone who has dropped by Kolkata would know about the sheer variety of street food that is available at this place. Here you will find legendary food joints operating for hundreds of years serving delicious dishes. The street food culture of this place is as old as the city itself. The most exciting thing is the price point, it’s very affordable. You will find a small shop selling “telebhaja” or “kochuri” in almost every alley and street of Kolkata. Here are some of the must-try street foods In Kolkata which will surely get your appetite running.

1. Telebhaja

It is one of the most sought after fried snacks for the people of Kolkata. It is made using a spicy batter of gram flour into which different vegetables, fishes, pieces of meat are dipped and then dip fried in oil. There are numerous versions of telebhaja and can be found in many places around Kolkata.

2. Ghugni

You can call it somewhat similar to the North Indian chole. It is a spicy dish prepared using matar (pea) and topped with freshly chopped onion and chilies. Some also prefer a dash of coconut shavings on their ghugni. To find the best versions try out from Gariahat and Esplanade. Kolkata is also famous for ghugni with pieces of minced meat in it.

3. Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri is the most favorite on the go-snack of every Bengali. A delicious mix of fritters, onion, peanuts, coriander nankeens, spices, and puffed rice tossed with some flavorful mustard oil. It is available almost everywhere in the city. Alipore is famous for selling the most flavorful and delicious jhalmuri.

4. Tea

Kolkata’s love for tea is apparent from the moment you step into the city. Here you will find different versions of the drink like milk-tea, lemon-tea, black tea, and many more. Bengalis have a passion for a well-brewed cup of tea, which is often referred to as a Colonial hangover. You must at least try once tea in a “bhannr” earthen-cup when you are in Kolkata.

5. Puchkas

Many refer to it as the Bengali version of a panipuri or golgappa. But it’s only when you taste it you realize it’s a whole new thing. The filling is made using mashed boiled potatoes, roasted spices, green chilies, and some fresh coriander leaves. It is a lot spicier than the other versions you taste in other parts of the country. The water is tangier to complement the spicy mix; you will have your mouth watering just by the smell of it. Places like College Street, Gariahat, Southern Avenue, and Vivekananda are known to serve the best fuchkas in the city.

6. Kathi Rolls

Yet another delicacy Kolkata is famous for. Surprisingly Kathi rolls were first invented in Kolkata by a famous fast food joint named “Zaika”. It consists of a delicious meat stuffing wrapped inside a paper-thin roti. You will find roll- joints in every corner of the city selling the famous Kathi rolls alongside many other varieties of rolls. Although Zaika is still the only place that serves authentic Kathi rolls. Kusum’s Kathi Roll in Park Street, Nizam’s, and Badshah in New Market are equally famous for their delicious rolls.

7. Dacre Lane or Dacre Street

This place has everything you want. Dacres Lane has one of the best street Foods in Kolkata, Indeed heaven for street food-lovers. Here you will find everything forms Chinese to Punjabi alongside wholesome Bengali dishes. Ghugni, Phuchka, Schezwan Chicken Chowmein, Lucchi-aloodum, jhalmuri, fish roll, and it’s a never-ending list of food items. The entire chain of street food stalls came up to serve food to a significant number of people that work in the nearby offices. The food here is hygienic and healthy and is served fresh to the customers. WHO has rated this place as one of the best in the world? During Durga Puja, Kolkata is seen to be indulged in feast mode.

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8. China Town, Teretti Bazaar

It is a place that has a history attached to it. This place used to be home to over 20,000 Chinese families, which have declined over the years. But the food culture remained, which made this famous for authentic Chinese Street food. Come to this place early morning for a hearty breakfast of rice dumplings and Soup. The shops mostly run out of their stock by 6:30 or 7:00.

9. Kochuri

Kochuri came to Kolkata with the North Indian Immigrants who settled in the city many years back. It is a favorite breakfast option for many. Most vendors tend to sell-out early, so; if you want a plate of kochuri, breakfast is the ideal time. Almost every sweet shop in the city sells kochuri, but the most well known is Putiram in College Street.

10. Mughlai-Parantha

A comfort food most non-vegetarians love to savor. It is made using by rolling out thin dough of Maida on the Tawa, which is then filled with a mix of eggs (duck/chicken) and minced meat (mutton/chicken), then folded into a rectangular shape and fried with a generous helping of oil. Anadi Cabin in Esplanade is famous for its Mughlai-paranthas.

11. Sweet

Kolkata sweets are famous worldwide. If you feel hungry walking around in Kolkata, walk into a sweet shop and pop a couple of desserts into your mouth. It will fill your tummy and heart at the same time. Taste Rasgulla, Rajbhog, and Lyangcha, kheerkadam at these iconic places Nakur Chandra Nandy, Sen Mahashay, K.C. Das, Balaram Mullick, and Girish Chandra Dey. The most famous sweet of all is the Rasgulla, it is a soft spongy round ball of chena which is immersed in light sugar syrup. The famous “BanglarRoshogolla” has earned yet another GI tag for the state disappointing Orissa. You will continue to crave for more rasgullas after devouring one.


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