Most Beautiful Waterfalls In Tamil Nadu You Must Visit

A stunning Hogenakkal waterfall in India, showcasing the natural beauty.

Tamil Nadu has the perfect landscape for magical waterfalls. Some of the finest waterfalls in the country come alive during the monsoons in this state. Here are a few waterfalls in Tamil Nadu that you should visit:

Hogenakkal Falls

Also known as the “Niagara Falls of India”, this waterfall is simply spectacular. The water fall consists of 14 channels that vary in height from 15 ft to 65 ft. The frothy waterfalls and the swirling pool below are intimidating and captivating at the same time. It is located about 335 kms from Chennai.

Thalaiyar Falls

These falls are located about 40 kms from Kodaikanal. They are not easy to access which makes them more tempting for adventurers. The water plunges from a massive height of 975 ft. You can get to these falls after driving about 34 kms on the Kodia Ghat and trekking an additional 6 kms. The Thalaiyar Falls is the highest waterfall in Tamil Nadu and the third highest one in India.

Monkey Falls

These waterfalls are located 67 kms from Coimbatore. The waterfall almost looks like a wall made from water. With a height of 60 ft, it is nothing but majestic. Bathing under these falls is not recommended during the monsoons. However, for a nice picnic, this is the ideal spot in all seasons.

Courtallam Falls

These falls are also known as the ‘Spa of the South’ as bathing under the falls or simple watching them is the best way to beat the stress. They are among the most popular water falls in the state. The Courtallam Falls is made up of nine channels. The biggest of them all is the Peraruvi.

Tirparappu Waterfalls

These falls are located in the Kanyakumari district. You can easily say that these falls are the most beautiful of all the others in Tami Nadu. The waters fall from a height of 50 feet and end in a beautiful swimming pool. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is in the vicinity is visited my tourists who come to these falls. There are two more waterfalls that you can explore in this area- the Vattaparai Falls and the Kalikesan Falls.

Catherine Falls

20 kms from Coonoor is the second largest water fall in the Nilgiri forests. The water plunges from a height of 250 ft. The tea plantations, the forests and the Mettupalyam plains add to the beauty of the waterfalls. It is a popular trekking destination and several tourists make their way here to witness the sheer beauty of the waterfalls.

Silver Cascade Falls

The Silver Cascade falls is entirely true to its name. The water plunges from 150 feet creating a silver, frothy curtain that is simply breathtaking. These falls are located just 8 kms from Kodaikanal. While you can enjoy a good day trip to these falls, the waters are highly unsafe. Swimming in these falls is strictly prohibited.

Agaya Gangai Falls

These falls are located in the Eastern Ghats and cascade down the Koli Hills. Surrounded by mountains, these falls are magnificent to watch. Located close to these falls is the Arapaleesawrar Temple. The falls are located in the Namakkal district.

Kumbakkarai Waterfall

These falls are a popular spot for those who are on route the Kodai Hills. Trekkers use the area around the waterfalls to create a base camp. It is about 85 kms away from Madurai and is a must see if you are in the region. There is a green carpet of lush green forests and plantations and the water gushes down from a height of 87 feet through them. The Goddess Thadagai Nachiamman Temple in the vicinity is 500 years old and is a popular destination for tourists. You also have an amusement park close to the waterfalls.

Suruli Falls

This is a perennial waterfall which means that you can visit the falls any time of the year. However, the best time is between June and October to see the waterfalls in all its glory. Besides the 150 ft water fall, you can also enjoy about 19 caves around these falls, of which the Kailasnathar Cave Temple is one. A summer festival is organized by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department each year with the Suruli Falls in the background.

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