5 Waterfalls In India You Must Visit This Monsoons

5 Waterfalls In India You Must Visit This Monsoons

First Published on: May 28, 2016 | Last Updated: May 23, 2020

Waterfalls have always been the most popular holiday destinations in India simply because they are glorious and offer some lovely panoramic views, as well as, picnic spots to enjoy with friends and family. Come monsoons and you find some of India’s most amazing rivers metamorphosise into gigantic waterfalls that leave one spell bound with their sheer magnitude and beauty.

If you are someone who cannot stop grinning when they see a silver stream pouring down a mountain, here are five most thrilling waterfalls that you must visit this monsoon season:

Jog Falls

Located in Karnataka, these are the highest waterfalls in the state. These waterfalls are located with a backdrop of the dense forests of Sagar. There are four separate streams that form this majestic waterfall in Karnataka. Named Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket, these four smaller cascades merge eventually to form one gigantic waterfall. Although it is not advisable to get under these powerful waterfalls, the beautiful scenery and the smell of the wet mud right after the rains make it the best place to unwind and spend some quality time with your family.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

These waterfalls are located in the already popular holiday destination, Goa. They are the perfect reason for you to head to Goa this monsoon season. The name translates to “Sea of Milk”. This name is probably the result of the pristine silvery waterfall that just pours down in the forest hinterland of Goa. These falls remain dry during the summers and literally spring to life when monsoon arrives.

Athirapally Falls

These waterfalls are India’s answer to the Niagara falls. They are a majestic sight amidst their gorgeous panoramic spread. The falls span about 380 feet in width. They are located in Kerala in the tiny city of Trissur. During the monsoon season, the sheer power and grace of these waterfalls attract several tourists. Again, this is a popular picnic destination as the waterfalls are restricted for swimming or even entering for the most part.

Chitrakoot Falls

Come monsoons and you will see the curtain of white, frothing water closing up around the horse shoe shaped cliff in Chitrakoot, in the Bastar district of Chattisgarh. These waterfalls are made up of several small and large streams that spread across a majestic 520 feet. The falls are India’ s widest and drop down over 100 feet, making them the most gorgeous sight that you will probably witness this monsoon. One could just sit there and simply keep looking at these falls all day along.

Hogenakkal Falls

Located in Dharampuri, in tamil Nadu, these Kaveri river waterfalls are known for some awesome adventure sports such as white water rafting that people simply love to experience during the monsoons. In addition to that, you can also experience rides in local wicker boats called coracles. Some portions of these waterfalls are open for people to bathe in and are actually considered medicinal. Therefore, in a way one gets to experience the power of these falls.

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So shun your rain capes this monsoon and head for any or all of these stunning destinations this year to experience the majestic falls in all their glory.


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