5 Reasons Why You Should Go Trekking

5 Reasons Why You Should Go Trekking

First Published on: May 24, 2016 | Last Updated: February 25, 2020

Who does not love the outdoor? Wandering in the wilderness with a like-minded group of people is possibly one of the most rejuvenating experiences that you could have as an individual. If you are someone who just loves to stay outdoors, then trekking is definitely one activity that must feature in your monthly planner at least once! Here are 5 reasons why everyone must trek at least once:

You Get More Creative While Trekking

guy standing on a cliff facing a lake and mountain

As you look for the nearest path to your destination, figure out ways to follow a trail, and keep the group together, you keep getting more and more creative. In fact, people who have been trekking regularly are known for their excellent problem-solving skills. According to Stanford University, when you walk, your creative juices flow abundantly. So, imagine what a regular dose of fresh air, sunshine, and physical exercise can do for you.

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It’s A Great Time Out In Trek

people trekking to himalayas in a group

When you trek, you hardly have the time to hook on to technology. Things like checking your smartphone, the need to go over your emails, texting, downloading and more, just disappear as your mind is constantly at work with other things. Mastering different terrains, helping out people in your team and looking for the perfect camping spots are such engaging activities that you will not need anything else to keep you busy. Now, this disconnect from technology or your so-called ‘civilization’ can do you a great deal of good. It lets you recharge yourself completely and get back to your daily routine with a lot more attention and interest.

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You Become Seriously Fit Doing Trek

man standing on a cliff seeing a snowcapped mountain

Apparently, trekking for an hour can help you lose close to 500 calories. Each type of surface, whether it is an incline or a decline etc. has its own benefits. For example, when you are walking up-hill, weight loss is definite as you not only get a good cardio routine on but also keep getting higher in altitude. Ever heard of high altitude workouts? Don’t pay a bomb for them, just go out there and trek. As you walk through the trails and even go downhill, blood pressure is lowered, cholesterol is lowered, and of course, blood sugars are removed.

You Make Many Friends

a group of people trekking in snow

If you have a trekking group of your own, then you already have made friends for life. But, if you decide to join an organization that holds regular treks and climbs, you are sure to meet several interesting people. Now, the bond within a trekking group is so unique because of the trust that you place upon one another.

Trekking Can Heal

a group of people trekking on a grass field

Issues like oxidative stress that can lead to several health problems are lowered when you trek. Your body’s ability to produce antioxidants increases and you can even ward-off deadly health conditions like cancer. In a study conducted on women who survived breast cancer, it was noted that those who engaged in trekking or any such outdoor physical activity responded better to the treatment.

Therefore, if you want to get healthier and happier, perhaps trekking is something you need to try!


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