Places to Visit in India During Autumn

Places to Visit in India During Autumn

First Published on: June 13, 2021 | Last Updated: June 19, 2021

India is a diverse land with nature at awe-state throughout the year. Autumn is the start of tourism just after rains, making many places sumptuous to visit without creating bottlenecked with the tourists. One can wander all over the country, but we have selected some sites where nature at its best, involving lots of adventure! Below are 16 Places to Visit India During Autumn.


View of Taj Mahal at night
Taj Mahal in its glory under night sky. Source: Times of India

The romantic city blooms and fills the air with romance during autumn. There is nothing more enchanting than to visit the Taj Mahal early morning when the monument is surrounded by fog followed by sun rays. Even if you miss the morning, you can tour Taj at night under those sparkling stars. But a visit during the full moon is a lifetime experience.

Always holding the position, the capital city unfolds lots of history even through its architecture. Stroll in the town and don’t forget to try street food along with some shopping.

Jim Corbett National Park

three tigers are roaming inside the jim corbett national park
Tigers roaming fearlessly in Jim Corbett

Not much explored and a gem of Nainital, Jim Corbett is the best place to spot a variety of animals during October and November. Along with spotting the animals with their little ones quenching their thirst near water bodies, enjoy the park covered in a blanket of green.

Known for tiger spotting, the park can disappoint you at times but, coming across some unique and exotic species can change your mood making it the best place to visit in India during autumn.

Jammu and Kashmir

shikara floating on dal lake in srinagar kashmir
Shikara ride at mesmerizing Dal Lake

“Ae wadi shehzadi bolo kaisi ho?”

Wearing the crown of India, the place brags about its beauty which is beyond painting in words. Jammu and Kashmir welcome tourists with open arms with something to offer to everybody. Be it a romantic holiday on the houseboat in Pahalgam, skiing at high altitude with kids, trekking and camping with friends in Sonamarg, or solo Shikara ride at Dal Lake, and therefore the state never fails to fill your soul with pleasure!


Ganga Aarti on tthe ghat of Varanasi
Ganga Aarti on the Varanasi ghat

This sacred and oldest city of the world reminds us of the iconic Ganga Aarti happening every evening. The reason to visit this city during autumn is in two folds. First, autumn is the best climate that lets you wander in the town and visit places. Second, during this period, the city celebrates numerous festivals. Among these, Dev Deepavali celebrated fifteen days after Deepavali, is the most famous.

Though a visit to ghats is a popular tourist attraction, don’t miss the morning boat ride in the holy river!


Bir Billing

paragliding spot in Bir Billing people taking off glides
People enjoying paragliding

If you are bored sitting at home due to rain and seek adventure, pack your bags for Bir Billing of Himachal Pradesh. The place has a heart of paragliders. Along with paragliding, you can experience angling, hand gliding, camping, trekking, and others.

In addition, trek to the Himachali tribal village to capture the beauty of nature. Bir is a Buddhist town that houses a beautiful Sherabling monastery along with a Tibetan handicraft center. Visiting Bir Tea Factory is worth it!

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maa durga protima kolkata
Durga Puja celebration

Kolkata is assuredly the best place to visit, as one gets to witness the city dressing for the grand Durga Puja. And if you are still in the city on the last day of the celebration, don’t miss the immersion ritual of the idols.

The forest of Kolkata also wakes up after rain, with lots of species of flora and fauna to spot in the jungles of Sundarban. 


Lush green valleys of Shilong
Green valleys of Shillong after rains. Source: Travel Triangle

The floweret of cherry blossom marks the start of autumn in Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya. The city changes its color and adapts a new look of green valleys and gushing waterfalls, which is embraced with the Shillong Autumn Festival.

The festival showcases the rich culture of the place and some events like dance and musical performances, flower shows, food and wine festivals. The picturesque views of the valleys are aesthetically pleasing. Meghalaya indeed is a heaven on earth.


people doing rafting in river
Tourists enjoying rafting in Rishikesh

Situated in the foothills of the Himalayas and on the banks of the Ganga River, this holy city is also known as the ‘Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas’.  The city has two faces, firstly spiritual and the other adventurous.

Rishikesh is the origin of the Char Dham yatra with the number of Ayurveda centers with the ancient healing methods for body and mind. The place also attracts tourists for adventure sports, majorly rafting in the river filled with water after rains.

Rann of Kutch

five people are performing during rann of kutch festival
White desert spread to infinity in Kutch

Amidst the sky at Kutch full of twinkling stars, rises the glowing moon spreading its glow with the autumn breeze. Ah, what a magical evening! How could one not get lost in the thoughts of admiring the charm of the luna?

The Rann of Kutch festival is full of colorful gazebos selling the art of Kutch, decorated camels, and people showcasing Gujarathi culture. Lose yourself in the never-ending salt desert, though surrounded by people but yet solitary.


Houseboat in the backwaters of Alleppy
Beautiful houseboat on the backwaters of Alleppey. Source: Holidify

Alleppey is designated as “Venice of the East,” Holding that accurate, the place is a beautiful tourist attraction. The fascinating houseboats offer overnight stay at the backwaters.

The medicinal plants flourish after rains making autumn the best time for ayurvedic massages and other therapeutic treatments. Enjoying the traditional boat race is an important and cheerful activity. To add some authenticity to your travel, try toddy (palm wine) at a local toddy shop.

Andaman Islands

Radhanagar beach of Havelock Islands in Andaman
A gorgeous and quiet beach of Andaman

Andaman is famous for its lagoons and water sports, but these islands have a rich history to explore. The coral reefs attract tourists for snorkeling and scuba diving. For some offbeat adventure, visit South Asia’s only active volcano at Barren Island.

Spend some quality time with your loved ones at Ross and Smith Island beaches. To enter into vacay mode right while traveling, take a cruise from Kolkata or Chennai to Port Blair. Don’t forget to add Andaman Cellular Jail to your list.


View of Hampi with big boulders all around and Tungabhadra river
View of big boulders and Tungabhadra river in Hampi. Source: Lonely Planet

With lush green paddy fields, giant boulders, and just bathed monuments, Hampi becomes the most photogenic place to visit. These ruins live in a dilemma. Should they be happy about the rich history or sad that once the wealthiest city is now lying under mud?

Climb the Malyavanta hill for beautiful sunrise and a marvelous view of the city. Mango Tree restaurant is a must-visit and end your day at Hemakuta Hill witnessing the sun vanish behind those mountains of boulders. Hampi is the best place to visit in India during autumn


darjeeling mountain railway in valley
Mesmerizing mountains and old styled engine train of Darjeeling

The charming and famous hill station, Darjeeling, is nestled in West Bengal. The climate during autumn allows tourists to explore tea plantations of the city composedly. The place also witnesses a large number of tourists due to its awe-struck views of the Kanchenjunga mountain top.

The UNESCO world heritage marvel – the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, is loved and enjoyed by both adults and children. The place is a blend of Bengali, Nepali, Lepcha, and Tibetan origins and cultures.


Gushing waterfalls from mountains of Pachmarhi
Gushing waterfalls of Pachmarhi. Source: Holiday Travel India

Pachmarhi, a famous gem of Madhya Pradesh, is a fusion of beauty, mythology, and an offbeat experience. Adding beauty to the valleys, the place is packed with cascading waterfalls after rains.

Take a walk into nature, explore the beautiful Pandava Caves, and experience horse riding in Handi Khoh. Safari in Satpura National Park will not disappoint you. Spot a wide range of wild animals and birds.  


paddy fields in ziro valley of arunachal pradesh
Paddy field and mountain view of Ziro. Photo by: Farhiz Karanjawala on Flickr

Ziro is a famous calm scenic place in Arunachal Pradesh. During autumn, the paddy fields are almost at the harvest stage, making the perfect time for photography lovers to experiment with their skills.

Finally, the pleasing climate helps tourists to de-stress and spend the holiday in tranquillity. And for nature-lover, keep your eyes open for varieties of birds around.


Beautiful town nestled in the valley of Lachen
Colorful houses nestled in the valley of Lachen. Source: Travel Gangtok

Lachen is drenched in simplicity, and its air is filled with freshness after rains. This not-so-explored area forms the base village for the famous Green Lake trek. Moreover, the trek gives an excellent opportunity to spot exotic bird species.

In addition, roam through these traditional wooden houses decorated with lots of flower baskets. The village is a perfect detox place with no mobile network. All this makes it the best place to visit in India during autumn.

Just like the sky flips its colors throughout the day, these places also change their color during every climate and never fail to astonish us. So let’s fall in love with our country in its every mood!


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