15 Most Mysterious Places In India

15 Most Mysterious Places In India

First Published on: August 2, 2016 | Last Updated: May 23, 2020

If mysterious places excite you and you are willing to travel that extra mile to discover some spook-worthy intriguing places; India has some wonderful, must-visit spots to check out. Here is a list of mysterious places in India, take a look and make a pick for your next travel adventure-

1. The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh

This pillar of the historical temple of 70-odd pillars doesn’t have a support and hangs in the air. But this particular pillar is believed to be the main load bearer of the structure. At the base, a cloth can be passed through to prove that it doesn’t rest on ground. Also, people believe that passing objects under it brings prosperity.

2. The Tale of Twins at Kodinhi, Kerala

The extraordinary fact about this otherwise ordinary village, Malappuram in Kerala that wins it a place in this list is that the maximum number of twin births are registered here, hence the name Kodinhi, or the ‘Village of Twins’. There are over 200 pairs of twins here amongst a population of 2000 people.

3. The Red Rain at Idukki, Kerala

In 2001 Idukki witnessed its first sporadic red rain for 2 months and there after its occurrence has become frequent. When water was collected it became clear as the red particles settled. Since then the event imparts mystery to the place too. Scientists found that airborne red algae is abundant in the region which comes down with the rain with blood red color.

4. The Floating Stones of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

The most revered place according to Hindu mythology is Rameshwaram, where Lord Rama and his Vanar Sena constructed the bridge to Sri Lanka with floating stones. This makes the place really mysterious as stones with the name of Lord Rama stay afloat. Such stones are still found in Rameshwaram pulling huge crowds, mainly pilgrims.

5. Levitating Stone at Shivapur, Maharashtra

At Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh shrine rests the special rock, weighing 70 kg and can only be lifted by 11 people who touch it with their forefingers while chanting the saint’s name who cursed it.

6. The Whispers of the Dead on Dumas Beach, Gujarat

On this beach, it is said that people hear whispers of the dead as there is no one around. There have been reports of people going missing from here. It is said to be a burial ground for Hindus in the past and has many spooky tales to send shivers down the visitors’ spines

7. The Abandoned Village of Kuldhara, Rajasthan

The village was mysteriously vacated by over 1500 Paliwal Brahmins who resided here about 200 years ago. How and where they disappeared remains a mystery. It is believed that the inhabitants cursed the village while leaving and till date no one settles down here. Visitors have registered paranormal activities here and it’s in the list of mysterious place in India .

8. Bhangarh Fort: Cursed by a Wizard

Legend says, a sage named Baba Balanath has said to have cursed the fort leading to many paranormal activities here. The place is out of bounds from dusk until dawn by order of ASI and is considered the most haunted place in India.

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9. Roopkund lake (The Lake of Skeletons at Chamoli, Uttarakhand)

When snow melts in summer, this glacial lake in Chamoli district uncovers about 300-600 skeletons lying at its bottom dating to 15th century AD. Believed to be an entourage of king and queen of Kanauj going on a pilgrimage, a hailstorm spelled doom for all of them.

10. The Immortal Flame of Jwala Ji Temple in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

A flame considered holy, is burning in a pit inside this shrine for over 100 years now. There is a theory that there lies enough methane gas to support flames but faith says otherwise here.

11. The Magnetic Hill of Leh, Ladakh

The hill is said to attract cars uphill even with their engines turned off. Situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet, the hill is named magnetic hill due to the belief that magnet influence is abundant here. But actually the phenomenon is an optical illusion due to the gravitational pull of the hill.

12. Kongka La Pass, Ladakh: UFO Sightings

Lying in the disputed territory between India and China at 16,970 feet, Kongka La Pass is famous for UFO and strange humanoid sightings. According to locals, aliens inhabit the place.

13. The Place of Suicidal Birds in Jatinga, Assam

Every year in late monsoons, this scenic little hamlet witnesses a horrific event of migratory birds flocking here to commit suicide after dusk. These birds crash onto trees, buildings or poles to their death and this strange mass suicide has not found any satisfactory explanation, hence it’s considered one of the most mysterious places in India But according to Ornithologists dense fog and high altitude here daze the birds.

14. Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi: Hypnotises People to Commit Suicide

Delhi’s Agrasen ki Baoli was built by Maharaja Agrasen in 14th century in a flourishing empire. It is believed that after his halcyon days were over it lost its charm got filled with blackish waters mysteriously. Locals say that this unholy water pulls people towards it to commit suicide by hypnotizing them. It now lies at the Hailey Road near Connaught Place.

15. Aleya Ghost lights of West Bengal

Paranormal activities and Aleya ghost lights are sighted in these marshes and swamps. Local tales say that souls of dead fisherman seduce travelers to doom in form of mystery lights. Scientists believe that methane gas released by decomposing organic matter in swamps oxidizes and ionizes to create glow in the air, but that doesn’t deter the local belief.


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