15 Amazing Hill Stations Around Mumbai

15 Amazing Hill Stations Around Mumbai

First Published on: July 22, 2019 | Last Updated: March 2, 2020

If you live in Mumbai and are looking for a quick getaway, here is some good news. Mumbai is surrounded by some of the most beautiful hill stations, nestled in the lap of nature. So go ahead and experience a myriad of terrains and a host of different activities to satisfy the adventurer in you.

Here are 15 of the most relaxing hill stations around Mumbai for you to plan your weekends:

1. Khandala

Source: Siddhartha Aren | Flickr

This is the most popular destination near Mumbai. It is filled with the most magnificent waterfalls and lush green hills. Camping at Pawna lake or treks to Rajmachi Fort and Nagphani are popular activities around this area. Khandala is located 81kms away from Mumbai and it is best to visit this hill station between October and April.

2. Lonavala

Source: Toplu Bilgi | Flickr

Also known as the ‘Jewel of Sahyadri’, Lonavala is dotted with the most beautiful temples, caves, forts and landscapes. This is one of the closest hill stations to Mumbai, located just 95 kilometers away. You can enjoy long treks and nature walks in the pleasant weather. The best time to visit this place is between October and June.

3. Mahabaleshwar

Source: Aditya Kumar | Flickr

This is the one of biggest hill station in Maharashtra. The Krishna River originates at the Mahadev temple in Old Mahabaleshawar. The waterfalls and the green hills surrounding the region are ideal for the perfect getaway. The hillstation is located about 270 kms from Mumbai. The best time to visit it is between October and June.

4. Panchgani

Source: Sooraj Kashiapan | Flickr

This is the oldest hill station in the world and is surrounding by crystal clear lakes and the most beautiful rolling hillocks. Enjoy the best of nature on the banks of River Krishna. The Table Top Hill and the scenic beauty are the highlights of this hill station. Although you can visit Panchgani at any time of the year, the best season is between September and May.

5. Matheran

Source: Omkar A Kamale | Flickr

Being the only automobile free hill-station in Asia, Matheran has been declared an eco-sensitive region by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. It is also the smallest hill station in the country. It is located at about 110 km from Mumbai and offers a variety of activities including horse riding, treks and nature walks. The best time to visit this place is between November and June, although it is quite pleasant all year around.

6. Bhandardara

Source: Neston Simoes | Flickr

Nestled in the Sahyadri range, this town has several attractions that you can enjoy. From trekking and hiking points to camping at night, this town offers a lot of fun activities. You can visit the lakes, falls and forts that are located in this town which is about 192 kms away from Mumbai.

7. Malshej Ghat

This town located in the Thane district, known as best for migratory birds such as flamenco that visit it seasonally. To enjoy the breathtaking scenery and to witness some of the most majestic species of birds, make sure you visit this town between July and September.

8. Jawhar

Source: Arun Palvankar | Flickr

This region is the perfect blend of manmade wonders and nature’s bounty. The rocky mountains in the backdrop along with there greenery and the waterfalls makes this town ideal for a quiet weekend. Enjoy activities like a trek to the Bhopatgad Fort, Hanuman Fort and Sunset point and nature walks or more. The hill station is located 141 kms from Mumbai and is home to the world famous Warli paintings.

9. Igatpuri

Source: Arun Sundar | Flickr

Igatpuri is a trekker’s haven. It is known for the grass covered mountain slopes and the lush green meadows. Dhammagiri, which is a major attraction here is a Buddhist Pagoda. It has 400 cells that can be used for individual meditation. Other attractions include the Tringalwadi fort, the Amruteshwar Temple, Camel valley, Ghatandevi temple and the Bhatsa River valet. You can enjoy activities like nature walks and treks in this region which offers the perfect terrain. It is located about 121 km from Mumbai and offers the most serene ambience for those who want some relief from the busy life in the city.

10. Lavasa

This is a private hill station located close to Mumbai. It is just an hour away from Pune but can be accessed by most places in Maharashtra. This township is luxurious and offers several eateries and lake. Located 186 kms from Mumbai, this township is complete with cobbled roads and beautiful street lights.

11. Karjat

Source: Sidharth | Flickr

This beautiful hill station is a relief from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Mumbai. The streets in Karjat are noiseless, with multihued fields of paddy on either side. If you love solitude, then you will certainly finds this town extremely alluring. Besides the scenic beauty, you can also enjoy several activities in this area including mountain climbing, trekking, hiking and lots more. The major attractions of the area include the Peth Fort, Kondana Caves, Ulhas valley and Bhor Ghat. It is approximately 62 kms from Mumbai and is perfect for a day trip or for an overnight stay.

12. Chikhaldara

Source: Rajesh Shende | Flickr

This is the coffee growing region of Maharashtra which is also known as the mythological place where Keechaka was killed by Bhima. You can enjoy deep valleys that are home to the most majestic trees, with a blanket of soothing mist. Located 672 kms from Mumbai, this place is best enjoyed between the months of October and June.

13. Panhala

Source: saiko.Boy | Flickr

This hill station was founded by the legendary Maratha ruler, Shivaji. Needless to say, this town is very closely related to the Maratha Kingdom. It is a scenic hill station which is 977 m above sea level. It is the smallest city in the state of Maharashtra. The main attraction here is the Panhala Fort. This town, located 374 kms from Mumbai has witnessed several rulers including the British and the Mughals.

14. Saputara

Source: Blaxter1 | Flickr

This quaint hill station is also known as the ‘abode as serpents’. There are several tourist attractions in Saputara such as the Gandhi Shikar, Echo Point, Hatgad Fort, Saputara Shikar and lots more. Enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets from these points. It is also the ideal destination for cable rides, trekking and boating. Although it is located in Gujarat, it is quite easily accessible and only 248kms from Mumbai.

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15. Amboli

Source: Sumeet Gawade | Flickr

According to folklore, this town was home to 108 Shiva temples. Only a few of these have been discovered till date. Amboli has been declared an Eco Hot Spot thanks to several measures that have been taken to make this town free from pollution. It is tucked away in the serenity of the Sahyadri hills and is 690 m above sea level. It is a great place to unwind with friends and family and is just 49kms away from Mumbai.


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