10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Tripura

10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions In Tripura

First Published on: August 24, 2019 | Last Updated: February 5, 2020

Tripura is the third smallest state of India. But that doesn’t restrict it from providing us an awe-inspiring beauty. The state is known for its architectural brilliance as well as cultural heritage. These popular tourist attractions in Tripura presents its visitor’s a spectacular view of palaces, rich luscious green keeping wildlife under its cover as well as old temples which narrate stories of a different time.

History lovers will find great materials to study. Tripura is covered with archaeological remains and architectural dignity. The sculptures attract the art lovers in a huge number. Only reading travelogues about Tripura can’t satisfy the hunger of the travel freaks. So book a ticket and experience the royal beauty of the North-Eastern state and take a close look at nature and past man-made beauty.

1. Heaven in Heaven- Uma Maheshwar Temple

Ujjayanta Palace

If you are a devotee, then you cannot miss the capital of Tripura. Supreme numbers of known temples of Tripura are in Agartala. The Ujjayanta Palace of Tripura is the house of several temples which include Uma Maheshwar Temple as well and one of major tourist attractions in Tripura. If you have knowledge about Bengal temples, then you can identify the resemblance between them. The architecture of the temple makes us think that Tripura is maybe the only state of North-Eastern India whose architecture has the foundation of Hinduism.

2. Spectacular view of Kunjaban Palace

Source: Greener Pastures

Not only temple, Kunjaban Palace is an example of Tripura’s rich architectural grandeur. The spectacular view of the palace draws hundreds of visitors every year. The interior designs will inspire the art lovers to create something similar to the palace.

3. A Garden Of Manikya Kingdom

The capital, Agartala is known for its spectacular views and richness in green. Rabindra Kanan Park was owned by Maharaja Birendra Kishore Manikya. But we can only enjoy the view of the southern side. The other parts are still not open to the visitors.

4. Deotamura- A Holy Place Of Tripura

Source: Chabimura – the archaeological site at Devtamura

Tripura can be proved as the perfect location for the devotees. After Uma Maheshwar Temple, Deotamura is waiting for the devotees. The sculpture and artistic grandeur of Deotamura is another reason for its being included in this list of 10 things.

5. Udaipur – A Place You Cannot Miss

Bhubaneswari Temple, Udaipur

Udaipur, the former capital of Tripura is famous for Sundari Temple and Bhubaneswari Temple and Sepahijala wildlife sanctuary. You cannot miss any one of them. Sundari Temple is known as Matabari to the locals, considers as one of the holiest Hindu temples. Goddess Kali is worshipped here in the form of ‘Soroshi’. Bhuvaneshwari temple is also famous for its architecture.

6. A Day Among Wild Lives – Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary

Source: Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary | Tripura Tourism

An animal lover cannot skip this place. Even if you are not so fond of animals still you should visit the sanctuary at least for once. The sanctuary is divided among various parts- primates, reptiles, carnivores, ungulates, and aviary. Even the sanctuary provides a view of the Amrit Sagar lake which facilitates the visitors with boat riding.

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7. The Archaeological Site Of Tripura, Pilak

Source: Pilak Archaeological Site, Jolaibari | Tripura Tourism

Pilak is usually among one of those places which represent the history of the state. This archaeological site is the home of numerous Sandstone sculptures which gives us an idea of the heterodox culture of Buddhism and Hinduism. Even if you are not a great lover of history still it can give you an insightful view to understand our old culture better.

8. Flavors Of Cuisines

Source: Tripura Thali | Indian Diplomacy Twitter Handle

Once you visit the state you will get an idea about the cuisine and you cannot be skeptical about the taste. The dishes prepared by fishes are a must try when you are trying their cuisines. The non-vegetarian dishes may cover the most part of Tripura food dishes if you are a vegetarian then don’t be sad. Tripura has something for everyone. You can try bamboo shoot pickle and Bangui rice.

9. Jampui Hills- Famous For Orange Juice

Source: Jampui Hills | Tripura Tourism

Every year between September to December Jampui Hills holds Orange festival. The festival represents the economic expansion of the state as Oranges are being produced in a large number in this time of the year. For the sports lover, the place has locations to try trekking and boating.

10. Unakoti- Another Archaeological Destination Of Tripura

Tripura has numerous locations which are famous heritage sites secured by Archaeological Survey of India. The rock-cut carvings look beautiful. Among the green background, the carvings of 7th to 9th centuries amaze the visitors which makes Tripura a must-visit state.

To visit Tripura one doesn’t need ILP (Inner Line Permits) like the other Northeastern states. Tripura is well connected by railway, airway, and roads. You can choose any one of them and set for the travel. Maximum hotels won’t disappoint you. Just take a look at the reviews and you will find out some amazing accommodations.

The serene beauty of Tripura, the historical palaces, the lakes, rich ecology altogether makes it a pleasing state which is a right choice for a short trip. This state is a good choice for people who love history. If you are planning for your next trip already, you must choose these tourist attractions in Tripura, and indulge into the earthy essence of past blended with wilderness and royalty, art and culture and of course the edgy modernity.


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