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Udupi(lord of the stars), is a temple town near Mangalore in Karnataka. Udupi cuisineis popular all over India.

Historical Significance

Udupi’s importance stems from the presence of the Sri Krishna Mutt (temple) established in the 13th century by Madhavacharya. Today the administration of this temple is performed in rotation by the AshtaMathas (8 religious establishments) founded by his disciples.

Natural Beauty, Beaches, Religious and Education

While the Sri Krishna temple is the most famous, there are several other temples here, some of them quite ancient. This brings in thousands of daily visitors to the city.

There are also a couple of Jain temples and a statue of Bahubalis, so this city is also sacred for Jains.

There are also several beaches nearby, the most famous being Malpe. The beaches are extremely clean and very safe, so families with little children frolicking on the beach is a common sight.

A land of celestial beauty, it is nestled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, and greenery is abundant, making it a nature lovers’ paradise.

There are several renowned professional colleges in nearby Manipal, and the city has a huge floating population of students.


Being a temple town, Udupi is a very clean and peaceful place and most of the people are involved in tourism or the restaurant business.

Krishna Janmashtami, Rathotsava, BhajanaMahotsava and the Paryaya festival are celebrated with great pomp, with groups of men walking about in pilivesha (tiger costumes).

Developed by the priests of the temple, Udupi cuisine is pure vegetarian fare, sometimes even without onions and garlic, and is extremely popular.

Climate and best time to visit

Climate is tropical and October-March is ideal for visiting.

  • Sri Krishna temple
  • Kaup beach
  • Malpe beach
  • Ambalapady
  • Ananthapadmanabha temple
  • Chandramauleshwara temple
  • Balakrishna temple
  • Gaddattushrivinayaka temple
  • Sri anathesvara temple
  • Shri Bramalingeshwara temple
  • Shri Laxmivenkatesha temple