Andhra Pradesh, abbreviated as A.P. is a south-eastern coast state in India. Famously known as “Rice Bowl of India” Andhra Pradesh is second highest producer of Rice in India after West Bengal. It is bordered by Bay of Bengal in the east and rest all borders are connected to different […]

Andhra Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh means “the land of rising suns” is a northeast state of India famously known for its enchant natural beauty. This state shares Indian political border with Bhutan in the west, Myanmar in the east and China in the north. It is titled as the “Orchid State of India” […]

Arunachal Pradesh

Assam is a northeastern state of India located in south of the eastern Himalayas with two major rivers as Brahmaputra and Barak river. This state shares international borders with Bhutan and Bangladesh. Guwahati the largest city of Assam is also known as North-Eastern Corridor of India, which is most likely […]


Bihar; a state lies on North region is 3rd largest state by population among all 29 states of India. By geography it is 12th largest state of India. It is bounded by Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and West Bengal. This state shares international border with Nepal to the […]


Established on November 01, 2000 Chhattisgarh is one of the state falls in Central region of India. Sub divided from state Madhya Pradesh this state share borders with Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. There is no any specific Etymology behind its name, […]


Gujarat; the state of North-West India is one of the fastest developing state in India. This state shares international border with Pakistan on west at Sindh province, where Arabian Sea as coastline. In Indian states, Gujarat shares borders with Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat had a great contribution in independence […]


Haryana; a state associated on November 01, 1966 sub divided from the State Punjab on the basis of language and dialect. This North Indian state is one of the wealthiest states of India by GDP prospective. This state shares border with Indian states of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh in North […]


Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful mountainous states in North India. The literal meaning of Himachal is “in the lap of Himalayas”; as in Sanskrit ‘Him’ means snow and ‘anchal’ means zone. The state is situated in lap of western Himalayas region. This state is famous for its […]

Himachal Pradesh

A state of South-West India, it was established on November 01, 1956. Before it was famously called as State of Mysore and later was renamed to Karnataka in year 1973. Bordered with Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea; this state has got an amazing coastal area and lots of amazing […]


Kerala is one of the most famous states for travel and tourism in Republic of India. Formed in Nov 01, 1956 this state is also called as Keralam. Situated on the Malabar Coast in South-West India, Kerala is also famously known for its 95.5% literacy rate. This state share borders […]


Madhya Pradesh, as literally means “Central Province”, this is a state of Central India. Since it is in center state of the country, it is famously called as “Heart Of India”. It is abbreviated and widely called as MP. This state shares borders with Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat and […]

Madhya Pradesh