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Puttaparthi in Ananthpur district of Andhra Pradesh is famous as the residence of the spiritual leader Sri SathyaSai Baba. Even after his death, thousands still flock to the PrashantiNilayam Ashram to seek blessings.

Historical Significance

Puttaparthi catapulted into fame when SathyaSai Baba decided to make it his home and the base of his spiritual teaching. PrashanthiNilayam is a township established in 1950 though a temple to Sai was built a few years earlier.

Famous For Art AndCulture, Religion and Spritiuality

Puttaparthi life revolves around the PrashanthiNiliayam ashram and the name and fame of SathyaSai Baba. Millions of believers still flock to the ashram to be where once their spiritual guru lived. Apart from this ashram there are a few other temples, thus making it a pilgrimage destination.

The wish fulfilling tree, supposed to have played a major role in the late guru’s life, is also a major tourist attraction.

A space theatre and museum, both connected with SathySai Baba are also much sought after by visiting tourists.


Puttaparthi is synonymous with SathyaSai Baba and hence much of the life of its citizens is deeply connected to his life and teachings. It is a peaceful town and people are spiritual. The super speciality hospital which offers free treatment and surgery to thousands of impoverished patients, is a big draw, and many renowned physicians offer their services totally free of charge. The economy of this city is fuelled by visitors to the PrashantiNilayam ashram, and nearly everyone is more or less engaged in providing support services to tourists.

Climate And Best Time To Visit

Puttaparthi enjoys a tropical climate, and the best time to visit is from October to March.

  • Chaitanyajyoti museum
  • Sri SathyaSai Space Theatre
  • AnjaneyaSwamy temple
  • PrasanthiNilayam
  • Kalpavriksha
  • Gopalaswami temple
  • Satyabhama temple
  • Village mosque
  • Chitravathi river