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The holy land of Puri is one of the most pious destinations for Hindus in India. Besides the religious significance, Puri also consists of serene, sandy beaches that make a great holiday destination for those who love to soak up some sun and relax.

Historical Background

The Govardhana Matha established by Adi Shankaracharya is an important site in Puri. It is known for its antiquity and has also been mentioned in the Rig Veda in association with Lord Vishnu. It is one of the four Dhams or pilgrimage sites and is therefore a centre for learning, culture and religion. During the 7th century AD, Indrabhut who founded the Vijrayana sect of Buddhism mentioned Puri in his famous work, ‘janasidhi’. Even in the famous Indian Epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana, Puri has been mentioned as Jagganath Dham. According to scholars, Jesus Christ and Mohammed, the founders of Christianity and Islam respectively also visited Puri.

The abode of Lord Jagganath, a beach resort and cultural hub

The temple of Jagganath in Puri is an important religious destination for Hindus in India. The town consists of many mathas and monasteries. According to Hindu scriptures, Puri is seen as a holy place to be cremated in as well. Puri is counted among the seven holy cities for the Hindus in India.

Puri consists of some of the most pleasant beaches which house many resorts on the shores. The water here is considered perfect for swimming and is therefore, a great place to relax and take some time off. The charm of this city cannot be missed. It has a lot of character that gives each visitor a unique experience to share.


One of the most important cultural events in Puri is the Ratha Yata or the ‘festival of chariots’. It is during this festival that deities Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra are brought out in a lavish procession. Besides this annual event, classical dance and music also receives a lot of patronage in Puri. Odissi is a popular dance form that visitors can enjoy in Puri.

  • Chilika Lake
  • Markandeshwar Temple
  • Narendra Tank
  • Puri Beach
  • Swargadwar Beach