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Lucknow, also known as the city of Nawabs, is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. This multicultural city is famed for its art and culture, and etiquette, called ‘LucknawiAdab’.

Historical Significance

Named after Lord Ram’s younger brother Lakhan(Lakshman) as Lakhanpur, it eventually became anglicized as Lucknow. Part of the Awadh region, the city has seen a succession of Nawabs, earning the sobriquet the city of Nawabs. That era saw the flourishing of dance, art, and music, and also the building of several monuments. It was one of the centres of the 1857 Independence War after being annexed by the East India Company in 1856.

Famous Art And Culture, Heritage and Religious destination

Lucknow is the birthplace of Kathak,and many virtuosos of this classical dance form are from here. Ghazal singing also received great impetus in Lucknow.

Chikankari, a traditionalLucknowi embroidery is hugely popular with locals and tourists alike, and chikan embellished kurtas, sarees, and dress materials are also exported.

Tourists flock to the historic buildings in Lucknow like imambaras, mosques and other Islamic shrines, gardens , palaces, and so on. Many of them are a mixture of Turkish and Mughal styles.


Reciting Urdu poetry (Shayri) is quite common here, and Urdu is favored for conversing too. Etiquette and courtesy are still a way of life for many here. There is a rich heritage of Urdu literature and poetry. Hindus and Muslims have lived together peacefully for years. The popular cuisine of Lucknow includes Biryani and a variety of ‘Kebabs’.

Climate and Best Time to Visit

The climate here is characterized by hot summers and cool dry winters. Best time to visit is from October to March.

  • Rumi Darwaza
  • ChotaImambara
  • FarangiMahal
  • Bara Imambara
  • Satkhanda
  • Constantia(La Martiniere School)
  • Kaiserbagh Palace
  • SikanderBagh
  • DilkhushaKothi
  • 1857 Memorial Museum
  • Husainabad Clock Tower