Lakshadweep Islands

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The Lakshadweep archipelago consists of a group of 12 attols that are known for its beautiful blue beaches and sandy beaches. Also known as the Lacadive Islands, they attract visitors from all over the world who come here seeking a retreat and some adventure.

Historical Background

The name of the archipelago is derived from Sanskrit. ‘Laksha’ means one lakh and ‘Dweepa’ means islands. Lakshadweep along with its group of islands forms the smallest union territory in India. The history of habituation of these islands is quite uncertain. There are no records of any aborigineson these Islands. However from the scriptures of popular Indian Dynasties, such as the Pallavas, it is clear that these islands were once a part of their domain. There are also evidences of the influence of Buddhism on these islands. It was during the 11th century that the Cholas took over this area.

During the 15th Century, Portuguese traders made their way here and initiated coir production. It was after the third Anglo-Mysore war that the island was transferred to the British officially. It was post Independence that the entire area became part of the new Indian Union.

Tourists retreat, outdoor adventure sports and a great honeymoon destination

The isolated island, with its scenic beauty is an important attraction for tourists from India and across the world. It is known for its spectacular marine life that includes beautiful stretches of coral reefs that from a major attraction here. Beach side resorts and specially designed cruises are great for those looking for a retreat or a romantic getaway.

The islands are extremely popular for their water sports. For those looking for some adventure, there are many choices including scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, yachting, wind surfing and night-cruises.


Lakshadweep has a rather interesting religious history. The primary religion practiced here is Islam while there are also inhabitants who practice Hinduism. The predominant languages here are Malyalam, Jeseri or Dweep Bhasha and Mahl. The islands are known for their scrumptious sea food delicacies that have a unique flavor and appeal.


These islands display tropical climate that is quite pleasant all year except during the south-west monsoons when the weather gets really rough and dangerous.

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