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Kutch is a district (also written as Kachchh) is situated in Gujarat. A major part of this district is known as Rann of Kutch which submerges with water during rainy season and remains dry in other season.

Historical Background

The History of Kutch holds many interesting facts. The famous Indus Valley Civilization was developed here and the sites pertaining to this are also discovered in Kutch.

Kutch was ruled by the Jadeja Rajputs till India got independence and after that it become an independent commissionaire and finally became a part of Gujarat in 1956.

A city of rich Art and Culture, Adventure and Wild life

Being surrounded by the Arabian Sea, this place is famous for its dams and rivers and is a source of attraction among the tourists from all over the world. It is also worthwhile to mention that one should plan a visit to this place to experience the ecologically rich wildlife sanctuaries.

The shootings of the hit films like lagan and refugee also happened here because of its ancestral beauty.


The majority of the population living in Kutch is of Hindus and they practice strict vegetarianism. They follow Jainism as their major religion. Islam is also practiced in some parts of Kutch.

Current Scenario

Gujarat altogether has undergone a significant change under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi and so is the Kutch. It is considered as one of the emerging industrial and business hub after the construction of two major ports Kandla and Mundra which has taken business to new dimensions.

One of the major contributions in this regard is strengthening of rail connectivity under National Rail Vikas Yojna by Ministry of Railways.

Climate and best time to visit

Kutch experiences an extreme type of climate which means that the place is very hot in summers and cool in winters. The best time to visit this place is between November to March.

  • Banni Grasslands reserve
  • Chari Dhand wetland conservation reserve
  • Great Rann of Kutch
  • Indian wild ass sanctuary
  • Kutch Bustard Sanctuary
  • Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary
  • Dholavirs
  • Prag Mahal
  • Aaina Mahal
  • Bhuj
  • Mandvi Beach