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In the state of juicy sweets and savory street food, is located the city of art and literature, Kolkata. It is the capital of Wes Bengal and is one of the most culturally and commercially significant metropolitan cities in India.

Historical Background

Kolkata became historically significant with the arrival of the East India Company in 1690. It became the centre of the company’s trade in Bengal. It was believed until recently that the city itself was founded by a British administrator named Job Charnock. The villages that formed the majority of Kolkata, then, belonged to the Mughals and the Nawab of Bengal. It was after the grant of a license from the Nawab that Kolkata became the hub of British trade. During the British rule, Kolkata was also the capital of the country. The Indian Independence movement received great momentum from prominent personalities in the field of politics, art and literature.

Although it was a hub of knowledge, art and culture, Kolkata was quite neglected post independence and began to grow steadily only a decade back after an economic rejuvenation.

The artistic centre, food lover’s paradise and a peek into Indian History

Kolkata is famously known as “City of furious Creative Energy”. There are many art galleries and museums to support this title. As for tourism, the famous Howrah Bridge and the beautiful Hooghly River are popular amongst the visitors here. However, art and cinema continue to be the areas of primary interest.

Speaking of interest, for those who live to eat, Kolkata is the perfect getaway. The city provides you with a spread of street food and local cuisine that includes Puchkas, samosas, Misti Doi and Kulfi along with some scrumptious preparations with fish; besides the famous Bengal sweets.


Kolkata can is the official cultural capital of India. Artists from Kolkata have become famous for creating revolutions in literary and artistic fields. Bengali literature has always been used as an aid by reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Swami Vivekanada. Bengali cinema is known for its uncanny sense of storytelling. Award winning film makers like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen, Rituparno Ghosh and Buddadeb Dasgupta have made their beginning in this city.

Art forms like Kalighat painting, classical music and dance have received patronage from the government and the locals alike.

Climate and best time to visit

Due to its location, Kolkata experiences hot, humid weather all through the year. You can expect pleasant weather in the colder months between November to February.

  • The Howrah Bridge
  • Victoria Memorial
  • Writer’s Building
  • Marble Palace
  • Shovabazar Rajbari
  • Alipore Zoo
  • Eden gardens