Kerala is one of the most famous states for travel and tourism in Republic of India. Formed in Nov 01, 1956 this state is also called as Keralam. Situated on the Malabar Coast in South-West India, Kerala is also famously known for its 95.5% literacy rate. This state share borders with Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and an amazing coast line of Lakshadweep Sea.


It is said, the Mauryan empire king Ashoka the Great called the local rules of this region as Keralaputra, where in ancient Hindu Mythology and epics it’s mentioned that Kerala was a land of Mahabali and Lord Vishnu took his fifth incarnation as Vamana here only.


Kerala is world famous for its amazing nature and that makes it one of the most amazing vacation and honeymoon spot in India. This state is situated between Arabian Seaand the Western Ghats which makes this land very much fertile and full of greenery.

The Kerala Backwaters region is favorite spot for tourists. Around 8% of India’s waterways are only found in Kerala. This little state has total 44 rivers including the famous and longest river in this state Periyar which is 244kms long. Kerala is a land of biodiversity and that makes it very famous for Medical tourism.


Malayalam is the official and most widely spoken language in this state; however Tamil is also spoken and widely understood.Kannada, Bengali, Hindi, Tulu and various tribal languages are also spoken here.


The culture of Kerala is very much familiar to all Indians. Kerala has a blend culture of Aryan and Dravidians. The famous dance form Kathakali belongs to this state. Also Pookkalam the floral carpets made by residents during Onam festival are awesome. The annual snake boat race is also an amazing part of this culture. Thrissur Pooram festival is one of the main attractions too.


Kerala is one of the most famous spot for travel and tourism in India. Especially it is one of the most favorite destinations for Honeymoon travelers. This place is called as God’s own land and certainly it does offer you a lot to explore the natural beauty, backwaters and Ayurveda. Kerala is very much famous for its amazing experience of Medical tourism.

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