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A small-nourished town, cherished with picture perfect environment in the state of Himachal Pradesh. With charismatic serenity, magnetism of oaks, firs and willows trees, Chestnut and Pine forest and Victorian styled architectures always delighted tourists a magnificent experience at this small hill station.

Snow-clad mountains, dense forest and its unspoiled natural beauty give adds-on pewter to tourists.

Historical Background

Kasauli was developed in British era; it is a cantonment and town was established to give summer retreat to troops. The medical institute of the town is the oldest institute that gives medication to army personals and their pets.

Kasauli, A blend of Hill Station & Natural Beauty

In the amidst of enchanting Himalaya, Kasauli becomes a hill station that preserves endangered Himalayan fauna, surrounded with serenity and undulating tourist spot that gives a perfect weekend destination. The towering peaks and alpine meadows provide a delighting experience.

Upper and Lower Malls are the attraction of the town, a shopping hub that gives vibes to shoppers.

Climate and best time to visit

Kasauli is situated at the 1927 m. altitude, 77 km. from Shimla and 35 km. from Kalka. The average temperature in the town is 8 to 30 degree in summers and -10 to 10 degree in winters.

The best time to visit Kasauli is through out the year.

  • Monkey Point
  • Timber Trail
  • Baptist Church
  • The Mall