A state of South-West India, it was established on November 01, 1956. Before it was famously called as State of Mysore and later was renamed to Karnataka in year 1973. Bordered with Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea; this state has got an amazing coastal area and lots of amazing beaches.


Karnataka was one of the most powerful and prosperous realm of Aryavarta (the ancient India). From Mauyran Empire to Kadamba dynasty; also Chalukyas and Rashtrakuta empires ruled this region and took this state to its glory. During British Raj; Tipu Sultan of Mysore was one of the Hero of Indian Rebellion of 1857.


By geographical area, this state is eighth largest Indian state and ninth largest by population. River Krishna and Kaveri with their tributaries make this land fertile and perfect for agriculture.

The coastal region of Karavali, the Deccan plateau and the hilly Malenadu region comprising the Western Ghats are the three principal geographical zones of Karnataka.


Kannada is the official and most widely spoken language in this state. Since this state is bordered with Goa, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, very few population do speak Tulu, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malyalam, Hindi, Urdu etc languages as well.


Karnataka is rich by its diverse linguistic and religious ethnicities, and also has a much owned special space in music world with Indian cultural music. By religious prospective this state is very much famous for pilgrimage of all religions. The Gomateswara monolith at Shravanabelagola is for Jains is one of them.

Education and Information Technology

Bangalore; the IT city of India is the capital of Karnataka, which is enough to explain the expansion of IT and education in this state. It is emerged as the pan-India IT leader and due to the immense exposure of Information Technology, the capital city Bengaluru is named as the Silicon Valley of India. Almost all famous educational and research institutes of India have their setup in this state.


Along with Bangalore and Mangalore international airports, Karnataka has got total 7 airports which make the air travel to this state very ease. Railways network is all immensely spread in this state. Karnataka has got Southern Railways of Indian Railways network with Konkan railway in coastal regions. For sea ways; it has 11 ports well, out of which New Mangalore Port is the only major port.

Karnataka is well connected with rest states of India by roadways. It has total 3,973 kilometers (2,469 mi) of National Highways and 9,829 kilometers (6,107 mi) of state highways in this state.


In tourism, Karnataka is majorly about architecture and showcase of ancient India.Mysore Palace is one of the major attractions in this state. Also there are several waterfalls in this state including Jog Falls, the India’s tallest single-tiered waterfall. Good availability of natural resources makes this state in count of medical tourist destinations as well.