Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir abbreviated as J&K is the most beautiful but the most sensitive state of India. Famously known as “Heaven on the Earth”, “Switzerland of India”; this state is situated at the top of North India and shares international border with People’s Republic Of China in north and Pakistan in east, where it is divided in two parts and falls in two countries political area. IOK is known as India Occupied Kashmir, and POK named for Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. In Indian states, this state shares border with Himachal Pradesh and Punjab.


Before partition of India and Pakistan in year 1947, Jammu and Kashmir was one of the most peaceful areas where all religions lived together happily. Maharaja Hari Singh was the emperor of that province. But during partition it remained an issue to divide Kashmir, and since then it is treated as a piece of cake to fight between India and Pakistan.


Jammu and Kashmir is famous for its enchanting beauty. Be in Himalayan range most of the part of state is hilly region. This state is majorly divided in three regions; Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. The state has several valleys, out of which the most famous ones are Kashmir Valley, Chenab Valley, Sind valley, poonch valley etc. It is also the home of several Himalayan Glaciers; out of which Siachen is the longest Himalayan Glacier also found in this state. Where one side of Jammu and Kashmir is full of vegetations, forests, flower fields and green grass fields; there are place where there is no vegetation; only stone and ice.


Where Ladakh region is famous for its Indo-Tibetan culture, other side in Kashmir valley you will feel essence of Hindu-Islamic culture. The annual masked dance, archery, weaving, Shikaras in Dal lake, famous folk dance styles like Dumhal (performed by men) and Rouff (performed by women) are part of the rich culture of Jammu and Kashmir.


Tourism is the backbone of Kashmiri economy. Due to tension between India and Pakistan the tourism industry is unable to take its pace also the internal militant activities does create a huge challenge to develop tourism. Also Hindu holy shrines Vaishno Devi and Amarnath yatra does contribute a huge ratio in tourism of Kashmir. Gulmarg, Patnitop, Leh and Ladakh are top choice of tourists for adventure and vacation purpose.

On the way; the time you start hearing this song; “bumbro bumbro shyam rang bumbro” just know you are in Kashmir now to see the nature at its best.