Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful mountainous states in North India. The literal meaning of Himachal is “in the lap of Himalayas”; as in Sanskrit ‘Him’ means snow and ‘anchal’ means zone. The state is situated in lap of western Himalayas region. This state is famous for its enchanted natural beauty. The state shares border with Punjab in west and south-west, Jammu and Kashmir in North, Uttarakhand in south-east and Tibet in east.


Himachal has an interesting history. Though it all started by many small tribes captured this place for their living, but eventually this place attracts all rulers of Ancient India. Whether it was Gupta Empire, Rajputs, Timur Dynasty, Lodi dynasty, Mughals or the last British people, this area was all of them top choice during summer. Even British India declared Shimla as Summer capital.


Being a beautiful mountainous state, Himachal Pradesh is rich by its mountain forests. With elevation ranging from 1,148 ft to 22,966 ft above the sea level this state sees heavy snowfall during winters. The Sutlej, the Chenab, the Beas, the Ravi, and the Yamuna takes birth from Himalayan mountain range falls under Himachal area, thus make this state full of water resources.

Himachal has 66.52% legally defined forest area, which shelters around 1200 bird and 359 animal species including the rare species of big cat family the snow leopard.


Hindi is the official language of Himachal Pradesh. However Pahari , Dogri and Kangri languages are spoken by most of the population. Punjabi is also widely spoken.


The state is very much famous for its incredible handicrafts. The world famous Pashmina shawls are produced in this state. Kullu district is most popular for its vibrant color and designer shawls and woolen dresses. Local music and dance form are very much famous and attracts tourists a lot.


Himachal Pradesh is one of the most literate states of India after Kerala. High number of universities says it on its own. Even situated at remote part of country, state govt. plans make the education system very much advanced and effective for citizens.


Being a famous tourist spot, Himachal is very well connected to Airways, Railways and Roadways. State is connected by Airways with three domestic airports. For the Railways, Kalka-Shimla Railway line and Pathankot–Jogindernagar Railway lines are one in UNESCO world heritage site.

Roadways are the major transportation mode for tourists as well as for local public. 8 national highways and 19 state highways make this state very well connected to rest of India.


Himachal Pradesh is all about natural beauty; hence it automatically attracts a huge number of tourists. Tourism is the backbone of this state’s growth. Considering the fact, state government actively takes new steps time to time for making tourism more comfortable and attractive. The state is ranked second-least corrupt state among India after Kerala.

If you ever get a chance to visit Himachal Pradesh; make a note; it will be your most memorizing vacation ever!