Daman and Diu

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It is the union territory of India and one of the best tourist destinations famous for its beaches and monuments.

Historical background

For over 450 years, this place is a part of Portuguese India. Looking into the history of this place, it was ruled by the Rajputs in 13th century followed by the Mughals.

In 1987, it was declared as a Union territory by the Constitution of India.

Daman and Diu – A famous tourist destination with exceptional scenic beauty

The place is famous for its exotic beauty of the beaches which attracts lot of tourists from all over the world. Monuments constructed by the Portuguese are also a major source of attraction.

It is also a favorite destination for shopping in this area as the markets offer lot of options and varieties.


The culture of Daman and Diu is a blend of European, tribal and Indian elements while majority of the people are Hindus in this area. English, Hindi, Marathi and the Gujarati are the official and main language. The major festivals which are celebrated here are Folk dance and Garba and they are celebrated with full enthusiasm by the people residing there.

Current Scenario

Being a famous tourist destination, this place has promoted the growth of hospitality in this region. Though Agriculture is the main occupation in this area, but because of the tourism sector growing at a fast pace, lot of real estate’s opportunities are also cropping up.

The Government is also working hard to improve the education system in the region to provide better education to the students with the latest advancements in technology.

Climate and best time to visit

The city experiences a maritime type of climate which is usually dry and sunny throughout the year. The best time to visit this place is from September to March.

  • Nagoa Beach
  • Devka Beach
  • Jampore beach
  • Moti Daman Fort
  • Fort of Diu
  • Gangeshwar temple