Established on November 01, 2000 Chhattisgarh is one of the state falls in Central region of India. Sub divided from state Madhya Pradesh this state share borders with Indian states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

There is no any specific Etymology behind its name, but it’s widely said in Ancient India that there were 36 demesnes in this region. In Hindi Chhattisgarh means 36 forts. Hence this could one of the reasons behind its name, but as there were no 36 forts archaeologically identified, some experts don’t agree to this concept.


The official language is Hindi, but major population of this state use Chhattisgarhi language in their daily routine, which is a dialect of Hindi. Telugu is also spoken in few parts of Chhattisgarh.


Geographically this state is combination of deciduous forests, fertile plains and hilly areas. 44% of state land is covered by forests.

The upper basin of Mahanadi river gifts most fertile land to the central area of this state. Mahanadi is the chief river, where there are other rivers like Rihand, Hasdo, Jonk, Indravati etc makes gives this state proper water for agriculture.

Tropical climate makes this state hot and humid as well as dependent on Monsoon rains.


Chhattisgarh is very rich by culture. It is famously known for “lost wax art” and “Kosa silk”. There are various dance forms found in this state. It has lots of pilgrimage sites as well, which also helps in tourism of this beautiful state.


This magnificent state is well connected with rest parts of India by all transport system. Interestingly 11 National Highways passing through this state, which is total of 2,184 km length in together. The state highways are total of 8031 km and well connected to all neighboring states.

Chhattisgarh falls under South East Central Railway Zone of Indian railways and Bilaspur is the zonal headquarter. They very first railways connectivity in this area was between Nagpur-Chhattisgarh; the project was started in year 1878 and was completed in 1882.

State govt. with help of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is now checking feasibility of spreading Metro network across state to make transportation much easier and luxury.

The air infrastructure is small compared to other states. Swami Vivekananda Airport is only airport in this state, but now state govt. is looking into this matter and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to develop more domestic airports in state.


Chhattisgarh is very much popular for its pilgrimage sites. Birth place of Saint Vallabhacharya is one of them for Gujarati community. Situated in heart of India; this state is gifted with rich cultural heritage and eye-catching natural diversity. There is a long list of Waterfalls, Hot spring, Caves, National parks and wildlife sanctuaries and many more to explore with.