Magical India – A Country That Keeps You Coming Back For More

Call it the “Land of Mysticism”, “The land of Meditation and Yoga” or the “land of snake charmers”, it is undeniable that India is a country that has the ability to attract people from various parts of the globe and keeps them coming back for more. The fact that India is so diverse makes it impossible for tourists to witness all that greatness in just one visit.

The most striking quality of the country is the ability to progress despite the chaos of the population and the obvious political drama. One can be assured of the most sophisticated experience in this country because of the exposure of entrepreneurs and leaders to world culture. It is only in India that one can experience all the levels of the society. You will see people living in luxury that is unimaginable as well as poverty that is unforgettable.

Travel and tourism thrive on three things- history, art and culture. In India, every state has a unique experience to provide in all three.  To begin with, the country is steeped in culture. From the cave paintings, the magnificent palaces and towers built by Indian emperors and the contribution of the invaders to the historical beauty of the country, diversity remains the most significant feature of anything India. Whether you visit one of the wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal that was built by the Mughals or the scientific marvel called the Jantar Mantar built by the Rajputs or the sculptured masterpieces built in the South by the rulers there, you will notice one thing; everybody who ever had a role to play in Indian history has left behind a legacy that people from all over the world applaud and appreciate.

The unique culture in India is what makes tourists want to come back for more. It is an amazing blend of old school and modern approaches. You will be able to view strong cultural beliefs that exist among the dwellers in the rural and semi urban areas as well as highly westernized practices in the metros in India. Many aspects of the Indian Culture intrigue people from across the globe even today.  Hospitality is the highlight of the Indian culture teaches everyone to treat their guests as gods. So for those who want to indulge in some pampering and care, India is the place to be.

Art and India are almost synonymous. With so many types of folk and classical art forms present here, it is impossible to experience all of them. Art in India goes beyond fine arts and performing arts and makes its way into very household.  Right from the designs that are made each morning with chalk or powder outside most Indian homes, Art is something that comes naturally to the Indians. If you want to experience some serious art forms like the classical dance and music, there are many options to enjoy them. You can look for organized shows or can have the hotel that you are staying at make the necessary achievements.

India is the land where spirituality lies in every inch. So, every visitor here goes back home enriched and wanting more!

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