Best 11 Destinations for River Rafting in India

If one doesn’t fear gushing water at high speeds and wants to ride it too, here is the best outdoor adventurous sport; ‘River Rafting’. Ride the white-water with all its varying rapids, overcome challenges and get the adrenalin rush like never before!

What is ‘Rapid’?

‘Rapid’ is the term used to identify the extent of rough water in a particular stretch/stretches of a water body and the proportional risk in riding them. Rapids are usually graded from one-to six based on the degree of difficulty.

Where should I head to indulge in rafting in India?

Rivers having their source in the mighty Himalayas present the best platform for rafting. Lately, this sport has lately gained popularity across India and also finds foreign tourists check-in out the experience. The Indian terrain offers many perfect river stretches that make ideal river rafting locations.

If you too are planning a trip, here are some places to consider for this sport:

Rafting_kashmirNorth Region:

1. Rishikesh (Uttarakhand): River Rafting and Rishikesh are almost synonymous. The stretch from Shivpuri to Ram Jhula via Lakshman Jhula spanning approximately 16 kilometers has gushing waters of River Ganga and is an excellent stretch with rapids and whirlpools. There are two more stretches, 24 kms from Marine drive to Rishikesh and 34 kms from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh.

Best time: April to June, October
Grade: 1 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

2. River Tons (Uttarakhand): Being the biggest tributary of the river Yamuna, it offers rapids of higher grades and hence, rafting on these waters is best suited for experts.

Best time: January to May, October to December
Grade: 3 to 5
Suitable for: Mostly for experts

river-rafting-bhagirathi3. River Bhagirathi (Uttarakhand): Over a stretch of approximately eighteen kilometers, and different types of rapids rafting here will make the entire experience exciting.

Best time: January to May, October to December
Grade: 3 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

4. Manali (Himachal Pradesh): Rafting on the river Beas usually starts at Pirdi, close to Manali and culminates at Jhiri over a stretch of approximately fourteen kilometers.

Best time: April to June
Grade: 2 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

5. Tattapani, (Himachal Pradesh): On the river Sutlej, enthusiasts can choose to raft through a stretch of approximately twelve kilometers between Chabba and Tattapani; five-kilometer between Sunni and Tattapani or thirty-six kilometers between Pandowa and Tattapani.

Best time: May and June
Grade: 2 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

Zanskar_river_rafting6. Leh (Ladakh): The window for rafting on river Zanskar is small, but riding on the stretch between Padum to Zimo is thrilling.

Best time: June, July and August
Grade: 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

7. River Indus (Ladakh): Rafting can be done on the river Indus over a stretch of approximately twenty-five kilometers between Phey and Sasphol or between Nimmu and Aichi. The river offers mild rapids best suited for amateurs or first-timers.

Best time: June to August
Grade: 2 to 3
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

North-East Region:

brahmaputra-river-rafting-expedition8. Pasighat (Arunachal Pradesh): If one wishes to ride the rough waters of the mighty river Bramhaputra and cover the longest rafting distance, a three-five day rafting expedition at Pasighat is best. Given the vastness and speed of gushing waters, rafting here is usually undertaken by experts.

Best time: November to December
Grade: 4 to 5
Suitable for: Mostly for experts, not amateurs

9. Bhalkola (Sikkim): This place offers the best rafting experience during winter. One can ride on the waters of the rivers Teesta and Rangeet.

Best time: October to April
Grade: 2 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

West Region:

kolad-rafting10. Kolad (Maharashtra): The river Kundalika offers approximately fourteen kilometers of its stretch for rafting. A small window is open during monsoons when the water flows fast and wild enough for a satisfying rafting experience.

Best time: July to September
Grade: 3 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

South Region:

coorg-rafting11. Coorg (Karnataka): The river Barapole which flows close to Coorg offers a good combination of rapids for a satisfying rafting experience. It flows through a thick forest cover in Bramhagiri Wild Life Sanctuary.

Best time: June to September
Grade: 2 to 4
Suitable for: Amateurs and experts

So what are you waiting for, let’s plan for a thrilling rafting experience!

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