Meghalaya - The Unexplored Caving Paradise of India Published 4/14/2017 in Tripoclan BlogSource: Amit Rane | DCP Expeditions

You needn't be a Speleologist to enjoy the beauty of the Meghalayan caves. All it takes is an avid love for adventure of a kind to go exploring these gorgeous,... read more→

15 Places You Must Visit in Sikkim Published 4/11/2017 in Tripoclan BlogSource: Lonely Planet

Located in the lap of the beautiful Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the most magical places in India. Although, it is the smallest state in the country, you will be... read more→

Fairs And Festivals During December In India Published 11/28/2016 in Tripoclan BlogSource: Wikipedia

December in a way is synonymous to winding up all the year’s activities with a festive wrap-up and preparing to welcome the New Year. On the same parlance, the festivals... read more→

Fairs And Festivals During November In India Published 10/28/2016 in Tripoclan Blogpushkar

Here are a list of festivals during November to help you make a pick for this year’s trip: Bundi Utsav and Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan The town of Bundi in Rajasthan also... read more→

India’s Most Exuberant - The Pushkar Camel Fair Published 10/2/2016 in Tripoclan Blogpushkarcamelfair

The Pushkar Camel Fair is an annual event that people come from all over the globe to witness for the sheer grandeur and cultural experience. The scale of the event... read more→

Fairs And Festivals During October In India Published 9/27/2016 in Tripoclan Blogdurga-puja

The month of October in India sets pace for the festive season in the country with exhilarating and captivating festivals for the locals as well as tourists all over the... read more→

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